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Wicked Initiations (Legends of Temlocht)

Klemp paid no attention and did not stop. He continued to bombard Mr Sykes with mind to mind messages, visual presentations, and insistence he had a vital role to play in the cult. Mr Sykes wrote to an ex-member explaining how mind control works in the cult. He said:'Mind control: this is the use of thought from one person to another to control the thought life of the second person.

It occurs in many human transactions: parent-child, teacher-child, marriage eg abused women. The basis for it is established over a long period. The basis of a cult like Eckankar is acceptance of the. It is a giving up of one's personal authority to them. They make the big decisions spiritually -- and one follows. Mr Sykes recorded that he caught Klemp in the act of putting a thought into his mind that was not his.

Mind control is extremely subtle -- the average member will not be aware of the thoughts that are being put into his or her mind. Over time, the mind of the member learns a different, Eckankar thought life -- not just the stuff put out in seminars, meetings and books, but the personal, individual thoughts of a member. His or her own personality is suppressed as he or she prefers the thoughts about the appropriate things to think and do that are being sent into his or her. These may be dramatic thoughts presented in dreams or meditation experiences, with much show and flashing lights a real circus, when one stands back , or they may be silently presented thoughts in the personal mental style of the member.

This is not that hard to create — after knowing and studying a member for a few years, it's quite easy. What sort of thoughts are silently presented? One big one is that the member is not adequate as he or she is. They must devote themself to Eckankar practices meditation, volunteering. They must put their attention on Eckankar, not on themself. Another is that x bit of their personality is bad or, it all is.

They must push it away, see it in terms of reincarnation, as a fixed and bad fact, and cover it over with Eckankar experiences. The result is disastrous: a conflict in the subconscious mind between the Eckankar personality and the real, suppressed one. That's why many have mental breakdowns, break up in disabling fear, etc. It's hardly surprising, really. Margaret Singer's "Cults in our midst" says much the same.

Release through Christian practice. As a result of his horrific 14 years in the cult, Mr Sykes became a Christian. He received deliverance exorcism of demonic spirits and curses placed on and inside him by Klemp. The deliverance minister stated he had never seen so much evil - demonic spirits - as he saw on and in Mr Sykes despite a long deliverance practice. Mr Sykes was set free and moved on to become a born-again Christian. He experienced the Holy Spirit in its true power and beauty, for the first time, as a living reality.

Instead of occult ceremonies based on obedience to a mere man, he participated in prayer to God with true personal release and natural change and growth resulting. Klemp continued to attack him, often appearing as Twitchell, telling Mr Sykes he was on the wrong path and he had to return to the cult. Klemp increasingly sent demonic spirits to attack Mr Sykes, or attacked Mr Sykes himself, causing the ex-member to feel he was being assaulted, stabbed in the stomach and legs. Mr Sykes dealt with these violent attacks using Christian techniques including prayer, reading the Bible out loud, confronting Klemp with the Sword of the Spirit, and other spiritual methods.

Looking back, Mr Sykes says that his membership of the Eckankar cult was like being in a small room. Living in the true Holy Spirit is life without walls. Based on documents written by Joe Sykes. Silva Please remove my name from all of your mailing lists.

I can no longer consider myself a member of Eckankar. I can not support an organization whose founder and leaders ethics I have grave doubts about. It may interest you to know that I arrived at this decision after much soul-searching. It has been said by some of the eighth initiates, that if you cannot trust the inner master that you are wasting your time with the spiritual exercises.

This for me really came to a head when after I bought my computer and got on the internet. I got a chance to review "The Making of a spiritual movement by David Lane. That and other materials like the experiences of fellow former eckists who are on the internet, convinced me that what I have been following is a pack of lies!!

Then I read in Mystic World , Harold's constant pointing out of the faults of those who leave eckankar. I ask myself, is this a real god- realized man. I have reached the conclusion that all your organization is about is separating the spiritually naive from their money. Why don't you people be honest about the true history of eckankar and admit it.

I am too angry to write much more! Albert C. This letter comes from John to myself. After two years, as my involvement level increased and I began doing volunteer work for Eckankar, my life took a serious nosedive. According to Lane, significant portions of the Eckankar Bible were plagiarized, and many of the spiritual truths that Paul Twitchell claimed were channeled to him from his master Rebazar Tarz were derived nearly verbatim from a book by Julian P. I felt betrayed- by Paul, by Harold, and by Eckankar for continuing to publish the books in question.

At the time, I was thinking about getting back into Eckankar, and the Lane research squelched that idea for good.

People are intensely loyal to groups that abuse newcomers. Why? | Aeon Ideas

From there, the whole Eckankar belief system began to unravel for me. Since Paul Twitchell was a self-appointed spiritual master, anyone whose critical reasoning abilities are still intact would have to seriously question his claim that he was the equivalent of the Son of God. According to David Lane's research, in addition to plagiarizing, Twitchell re-wrote one of his seminal works on spirituality, changing the names of actual spiritual masters he had known to ones whose historical authenticity has been difficult to establish.

I find it hard to comprehend how someone of Twitchell's purported spiritual status could indulge in what appears to be outright fraud. Once you yank on the thread of the unprovable and highly unlikely assumption that Paul Twitchell was some kind of Godman- the whole fabric of Eckankar comes apart. Anything we experience of a positive nature spiritually is the work of God anyway, rendering the concept of needing an Eck "master", like Paul Twitchell or Harold Klemp, irrelevant.

If God wants to communicate with us or guide us in our dreams to higher planes of consciousness, He would be able to do so without the assistance of an Eck "master. The troublesome thing about Eckankar, in my opinion, was that it incorporated a mixture of valuable spiritual wisdom, half-truths, and what I felt were outright lies. Parts of Eckankar's spiritual program worked well, while other parts of it caused immeasurable damage to my mind and to the minds of others I know.

I did have some experiences out of the body, but what really puzzled me was that I could not find Harold in the other worlds!! I had one in which I exited from my third eye in my sleep and was able to fly around an Earth-like world at high speed. After reading David Lane's research, I concluded that this could have been an hallucination mocked up by my mind in congruence with what Eckankar taught me to expect.

I had a few very vague dreams involving Harold that were no more real than dreams that included relatives, friends, and co-workers. Never did I experience what the Eck books claimed I would in terms of other worlds, Golden Wisdom temples, and Harold as a being of pure light, etc. I also never encountered the historically undocumented Eck masters, like Fubbi Quantz and Reebazar Tarz.

Did you ever read Harold Klemp's autobiography in which he recounts how he stripped naked in an airport, was arrested and then committed to a mental institution where he did battle with three Astral demons? This book is sold at the Eckankar Temple bookstore, so Harold is not trying to keep this part of his life a secret. It's a very disturbing story that, for me, casts doubt on his claim that he is God's primary representative "in this, and all other universes.

You mean the Mahanta is not all that omnipotent? Only God is omnipotent, not mere human beings. People who follow spiritual leaders claiming to be incarnations of God are falling prey to a common human need to relate to God in human form. There are untold numbers of gurus and spiritual masters claiming to be one with, or incarnations of, God. This will continue as long as there are people foolish enough to believe such claims.

In a letter that appeared in Mystic World magazine, he points out the faults of those who leave Eckankar. If so, then why do so many Eckists fail? He claims that it is his God-ordained job to get his chelas back home to God. Sounds like someone is falling down on the job. I was a textbook Eckist, and yet the end result of my devotion and dedication was misery and suffering. When I began reading Harold's own admissions that Paul Twitchell, Eckankar's founder, was prone to lying on a fairly large scale, I began to suspect that the religion of Eckankar might have been a fabrication similar to the spiritually oriented science fiction novels he wrote.

I was amazed at how many Eckists I knew agreed with him on this- that his health problems had something to with taking on the karma of his chelas. Oddly, he rants on and on about how chelas must pay their karmic debt "in the true coin", yet he's also taking on their karma. Which is it? I've noticed, from talking to Eckists and conversing with them on Internet newsgroups, that like Harold, they seem to contradict themselves without noticing it.

When called on these contradictions, they spew arrogant, pompous nonsense like:. This type of thinking is a frightening example of the kind of influence Eckankar apparently exerts on some of its members. What really did me in regarding Eckankar were the threats contained in their Bible and other writings. For example, an ex-Eckist posted a passage on the Internet from one of Eckankar's secret, members-only discourses that basically said-. I found this and the many other fear inducing passages in Eckankar's literature emotionally paralyzing.

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These fears eventually became lodged in my sub-conscious mind, promoting feelings of despair and paranoia. My involvement in Eckankar managed to pile more problems on the top of the ones I already had, including a profound sense of betrayal and distrust of spiritual organizations. Joining Eckankar was, without question, the biggest mistake I have ever made. From , I was a member of Eckankar, a spiritual group which promised self-and-God-realization and emphasized the need for a living leader or master. There is no question I met some wonderful people during that period.

There is no question that Eckankar was significantly more benign than most of the groups which traditional religions label as cults.

But as there were major areas in my life which remained solidly and frustratingly blocked, it's clear to me now that being under the influence of a group and a leader were not helpful to me, no matter how well-intentioned or benign. It was only after I disaffiliated from Eckankar that I began to see how its dominance in my thoughts and in my life served to prohibit the very goals I had signed up to attain. I recall that so many of us "on the path" were experiencing such identical difficulties, that now I cannot help but feel convinced that the spiritual teacher who represents Truth may even unwittingly be the greatest obstacle to it.

Shamanic Initiations: A hidden Theme within the Fairy Tale of Hansel and Gretel

Like many spiritual teachers, the Living Eck Master taught absolute individual independence. But how strange that one must go through a master to get it. And how peculiar that the longer and harder I strove for the desired self-and-God-realization, the more fraught with anxiety I became. In retrospect I can see that I looked increasingly to the spiritual master, as recommended, for guidance out of my frustration.

But now I know it's a frustration which ceases to be when there is no master. Yet "no master" was unthinkable then. His name is Thiasus, a native of Corinth, and he is in line for the quinquennial magistracy. To show his worthiness, he arranges a three-day gladiatorial event.

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He goes to Thessaly to attain things for the event, and instead of taking noble beasts, he decks out Lucius in fine trappings. One wealthy woman comes to actually lust after him, and says she will pay a large sum for a single night with him. The keeper agrees, since he cares only for profit, and everything is arranged. The room is full of soft cushions and candles.

The woman anoints herself with oil and addresses Lucius with words of love. Lucius worries about hurting her, but eventually they copulate and the woman is satisfied.

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  4. The keeper tells the master, who sees that this can bring more fame and money. The wealthy woman, however, refuses to threaten her good name by sleeping with an ass in front of the public, so it is decided to bring on a female criminal, who is the only woman to agree. Lucius tells the story of this terrible woman. He was gone when it was born, though, and the woman could not obey and gave it to neighbors. Eventually she told her son, who was a couple years older than the girl, and being a noble youth, he agreed to help and told the father that this young woman was an orphan.

    He even gave her in marriage to a close friend, and all was happy for a time. There the woman beat the girl and killed her with a hot brand between her legs, even though the girl screamed out the truth. The brother was horrified and grief-stricken, but his wife did not care, and set about procuring a poison to kill her husband.

    2019 Will Be Filled With Plausibility Deception, Know How To Spot Serpent's Wicked Agent Babblers

    She brought the physician to their house to mix it, telling her husband it was something for his gastric pains, but as she was an evil, suspicious woman, she assumed the physician was cheating her and made him publicly take some as well. The man did so, and she made him stay long enough for it to start taking effect.

    He left as soon as he could to get home to take the antidote, but he was too late. As he lay dying he told his wife all, and insisted she get payment from the woman for the two deaths. The wife spoke sweet words to the woman and procured a whole box of poisons. The wife became jealous of her own daughter because she was to inherit the estate, and poisoned her as well.

    The governor decreed the wife be subject to wild beasts, and thus that is how she became associated with Lucius. Lucius is anguished that he must be with this woman, and wonders how he can kill himself before the show. He then ponders how to get roses instead, and grows hopeful. The show features a reenactment of the judgment of Paris, with beautiful girls playing the roles of Juno , Minerva, and Venus.

    It is a gorgeous spectacle. Finally it is time for Lucius to sleep with the woman, and a soldier makes his way to get her. Lucius is consumed with shame and disgust, and decides he must flee. As he is seen as a tame ass, he had been granted free reign to wander about. Thus, no one sees him flee. He gallops as fast as he can and reaches Cenchreae, over six miles away. He falls asleep on a calm and lovely beach. Lucius wakes up, afraid, but becomes aware of the goddess and the role she plays in his life.

    He begs this to be the end of his misfortunes, and asks for his restoration to Lucius. He says if she cannot help, then she should end his life.

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    He suddenly sees a divine figure rise from the sea. Her hair is lush and curling. A golden orb sits on her brow. Her dress is of multicolored linen, and she wears a remarkable cloak. In one hand is a bronze rattle, in the other a vessel. Although different peoples have different names for her, her true name is Isis. She advises him to give up his weeping and mourning, for his day of salvation is at hand. She instructs him that a procession will come, and a priest carrying roses.

    He must join the crowd and eat the roses. Then, he must devote the rest of his days to serving her. After death he will dwell in the Elysian Fields. He remembers her instructions and sees a throng of people filling the streets, ebullient and celebrating. Comic persons divert the townspeople, while the official procession for the goddess is being readied. People carry musical instruments, all manner of lanterns, and sing and walk. Psychic experiences of initiates being cooked up by magical entities have been reported worldwide, from the Australian Aboriginals, to the Inuit people of the North Pole, and Siberia.

    In the fairy tale, the witch is simply trying to cook and eat the children. She is a cannibal, and probably depicted as so in order to demonize witches, but one must look at the underlying references. Additionally, Gretel is fed nothing but crawfish and crab shells. Originating in ancient Mesopotamia, and working its way through Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the image of the shellfish has always been associated with the Moon, which is why the astrological sign of Caner is ruled by it.

    However, the siblings refuse. They refused first when they found their way back home the first night they were abandoned, when they refused to be eaten, and when Gretel pushed the witch into the fire; they refuse to be initiated, and become a witch just like her. They kill the witch, and she is the one that experiences death, not them. Note that an experience with death is another stage of the shamanic initiatory practices mentioned earlier.

    Then the witch brought wood, oak and maple, and made a fire; the flame blazed forth from the stove. Now sit the right way. The maiden quickly shoved her into the stove, slammed the door, plastered and tarred the opening and ran away. Her death is transformation, just as shamanic initiates rise from the dead being able to call themselves wise, shamans, or healers. Additionally, in the Russian story, Vasilisa asks Baba Yaga about the three dark riders outside her house, and she responds by saying they are the day, the Sun, and the night.

    But we are missing another being — the Moon. When Vasilisa comes back home, the lantern she brings back from Baba Yaga burns the evil stepmother and stepsisters to ashes, which frees Vasilisa from their torture. It seems that whether the witch dies or not, the protagonist always emerges victorious. As Dr. Laura Strong, a mythology scholar, writes, the Baba Yaga archetype represents the shamanic journey that Vasilisa and Hansel and Gretel go through:.

    From such bones, she also brews new life and her home is a great source of abundance. The Water of Death kills, but is also often part of a healing process. Nevertheless, after the children kill the witch, they take her precious stones and talk to a big white swan that helps them cross an enormous lake. Also notice how traveling by bird when returning home is a stage in the narratives of shamanic initiations mentioned earlier.

    At the end, the children come home and are victorious. They find out their stepmother has died, and so they end the last stage of the shamanic initiation; they emerge from the wild, and into society with an amazing experience.

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    They completed all the stages, and Hansel and Gretel are now witches, not literally, but symbolically. Notice should given that the siblings were not depicted as being able to talk to animals before killing the witch, yet Gretel is able to talk to a swan, and both of them were able to miraculously — considering how lost they were before — find their way home.

    These are the results of completing the magic journey. Yes, the story is about a rite of passage — not just of physical maturity, but a spiritual one as well, a ritual that is unquestionably of pagan origins.