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Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow

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So bury me under the weeping willow Under the weeping willow tree So that he will know That I am sleeping And perhaps he'll wait for me. So bury me underneath the willow Under the weeping willow tree So that he may know Where I am sleeping And perhaps he'll weep for me. Site Navigation -. Selected Albums Greatest Hits.

Wolf Folklore Collection: Bury Me Beneath the Willow (The Weeping Willow)

She sat on a swing under a canopy of autumnally-shaded leaves, something habitual to her daily routine. That was her thing—maps—she could stare at them for hours on end, and never seemed to tire of them. After gently removing the top of a black marker, she proceeded to circle faraway places she longed to visit, though she knew she probably never would. A sigh of disappointment made her shoulders collapse; she had never traveled more than fifty miles from our town of Rowington, and neither had anyone else for that matter.

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That was her hideaway—under the tree, I mean. Its leaves draped around the tree like a curtain, creating a barrier between the tree and the rest of the yard. Under the weeping willow, she read thick novels that spoke of topics far more abstract and complex than my mind could ever comprehend.

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Other times, she flipped through shorter stories about fairies and magic, perhaps dreaming of impossibilities. On various occasions, she wrote in a journal, scribbling seemingly secret ideas and thoughts no one else would ever read. Most of the time, however, she would just look at the maps of places she must've dreamt of traveling.

I liked to watch her, not in a creepy or perverted way, but more like how a child watches a train chug along—with raw curiosity. I watched without any agenda, besides gaining an insight of who she truly was.

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She was plain, though there was some sort of magnetism that continuously pulled at me, and captured my attention. I was six years old when my family moved to Rowington and into the house next door to Isobel. The sheer geographical proximity of our houses destined us to become best friends, with our bedroom walls exactly We had the innocent and platonic love people rarely have nowadays, and it remained even as we grew apart.

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