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We started heading northeast, crossed over the South Rim and watched the ground fall out from under us. Just like in the IMAX version! Soon the Colorado River came into view. The grey blur in the picture is the ever present propeller. We pretty much followed the meandering Colorado west for most of the flight. At one point we also crossed the Little Colorado. The Grand Canyon is not just one long single canyon like I used to imagine. It is a broad and complex system of canyons formed by the many tributaries that join it from the North and South Rims and beyond.

I have no idea what river this one is, but it made quite a canyon of it's own. The Grand Canyon is over 6, feet deep and 18 miles wide in some places. The deep green areas are part of the Kaibab Plateau beyond the North Rim. After traveling quite a ways west we turned south, across the South Rim again, and headed back to the airport. So, what to say in conclusion? Wowie zowie?

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I looked for some profound quote to help me express the impact of the experience, but was surprised to find very few. I think the Canyon does leave one speechless. The flight helped us grasp the enormity, complexity and beauty of the Canyon. It was definitely one of those opportunities a lifetime that I'm so grateful we embraced.

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This section will help you troubleshoot your cross-domain tracking setup by providing detailed information on the key components and how best to use them. When you set up cross-domain tracking, you will want to make sure you do the following with your views profiles :. Once you have domain linking established, you will see only the request URI in the content reports, and not the top-level or sub-domain for a given page.

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In this scenario, the linking methods are not invoked, and thus there is no way to determine the initiating session for a given user. To really understand cross-domain tracking, it helps to understand that cookies are identified by a number of fields and that they are not shared between domains by default. In addition, cookie sharing is automatically turned off in Analytics. This is because in many cases, sharing of the same cookie between domains is undesirable.

In addition, Analytics adds an additional integrity check to cookies by default.

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