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The process of making those things is always exciting.

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But that in combination with Paris being bohemian and a bit more flirty [and] playful—that has always been such an interesting mix for us. Also, [we love] working together with the Parisians. We have a fantastic designer that works in Paris, and every time she comes here, you can hear her coming through the room—jewelry all over.

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That you can create your own personal style out of these three fairly different aesthetics is what makes [the brand] beautiful. Kim Gordon is super inspiring [and] empowering. She treated our products as sort of a blank canvas and applied the artwork where she felt they were best [suited]. Mostly it comes [down] to the stories [of the space]. As played by Israeli singer-songwriter Nathan Goshen, Shahar had been a secular rock star and Anat had been his girlfriend before he chose a religious path and she agreed to join him.

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Joining forces, these two recruit Dr. Semi-retired, Shlomo has one last case, court mandated sessions with a husband and wife with a young son who are headed for divorce.

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Wife Sari Avigail Harari comes from an ultra-orthodox background but finds her secular marriage to Rami Maayan Bloom to be stifling. So much so she joins a pagan feminist cult that reveres the goddess Asherah, which makes Rami fear for the mental health of their son. Somehow, Shlomo convinces Yonatan to help him with the situation, which leads to even more complications. In a culture where everyone has their reasons, this film suggests religious reasons might not be the worst choice of all.

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  • May 14, Minutes. The landscape in which these stories unfold is a feral, slippery, purgatorial space, bracketed by the void—yet within it Russell captures the exquisite beauty and tenderness of ordinary life. Orange World is a miracle of storytelling from a true modern master.

    Her writing is particular and alive. Her imagination spills over the sink and hits the backsplash. These eight fabulous yarns span the globe, from the Dalmatian coast to Florida in the near future, when Miami is a watery grave… These tales are not short, but they feel even roomier owing to the way Russell cracks open narrative space with humor.

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    We can shout as does this book. Karen Russell moves from the farcical to the forbidden with tender conviction. Since her debut more than a decade ago, Russell has exhibited a commitment to turning recognizable worlds on their heads in prose so rich that sentences almost burst at the seams.