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A welcome reviver for the survivors of the three-day battle. It has been estimated that some 28 Australians and 1 or 2 New Zealanders were killed at Vevi along with 27 British soldiers. An unkown number were wounded and captured. Greek forces are estimated to have lost 40 killed or wounded, and taken prisoner. German losses are recorded as being 37 killed, 98 wounded and 2 taken prisoner. The task ahead though difficult is not so desperate as that to which our fathers faced in April twenty-six years ago.

We go to it together with stout hearts and certainty of success.

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The formation of the Second Anzacs at Vevi in Greece lay in the footsteps of the first Anzacs who had walked on Greek soil in — on Lemnos. The battle fought at Vevi would be remembered by the locals of the region.

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A few important local memorials stand testimony to this. Off the main highway, at Xino Nero, stands a war memorial erected very soon after the end of the war to commemorate the battle fought here in by the locals on the initiative of the village President, Athanasios Altinis. I have been fortunate to attend the memorial service held here in honour of those Allied soldiers who served and those who fell. Another grand memorial to the battle stands tall on a hill as you enter the Kleidi valley from the south.

And as you enter the village of Vevi and turn into its main square, the main Greek war memorial contains a plaque dedicated:. F, the Greek Armed Forces, and the people of Vevi, who gave their lives in the defence of Greece in It is moving to visit these memorials that stand across this distant battlefield in northern Greece. Mackay force withdrew to its new positions on the left of the Olympus-Aliakmon line, with the Australian 16 th Brigade taking up to its right, having fallen back from the Veria Pass.

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Yet the fighting withdrawal of the Australian and other Allied forces in Greece would continue. On the rd April the decision was made to evacuate the Allied forces from Greece. Thus began the story of a second Dunkirk and the battle of Crete that followed. Gordon and Private R. McQuarrie of 18 th New Zealand Battalion. They were all awarded the Military Medal for their bravery in this escape. Taken to Crete on a destroyer, he would survive the war to return to East Malvern — where his local fish and chip shop was now under the new management of a Greek family who had witnessed the battle of Vevi in April As the Allied troops departed mainland Greece, they remembered years later the friendship of the Greek people — even as they were leaving.

Undoubtedly what many Australian soldiers took away with them from Greece was the manner in which the Greek people, who had greeted them so warmly on their arrival, did not desert them in defeat. Another digger from the same Battalion recounted:. It is with memories such as these that many Australian soldiers would remember Greece and its people. The battle of Vevi deserves to better known and appreciated — both in Greece and in Australia. At the beginning of what would be an ill-fated campaign, fought against overwhelming odds, the Anzacs fought bravely against some of the most elite troops in the German Army.

Despite enduring terrible conditions, enemy armour and air superiority, they had succeeded in holding up the German advance for three days. It is a battle that is commemorated in this remote region of Greece but is rarely mentioned beyond. Its defence and the fighting retreat that followed, holding up the German advance at a crucial moment in their assault on Greece. We should commemorate 10 th April when the Anzacs came to Vevi and defended Greece alongside their Greek and British compatriots.

I would like to end with what I believe is particularly relevant quotation drawn from Ancient Greece. After the First World War had ended, an ancient marble monument held in the Athens National Museum, was brought to the attention of some visiting Australians.

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The monument bore the names of twenty-eight Athenian warriors who had fought on the Hellespont — the modern day Dardanelles — resisting another invader — the Persians — in bc. On a slab of Pentelic marble across both columns of the monument was a dedication to the sacrifice of these warriors. One of the Australians suggested a shortened version to commemorate others who fell on the same shores 2, years later:.

Fitting words for all those who served in the battle of Vevi — and the wider battle for Greece and Crete which followed. Skip to content. Zeeto ee Australia! German Invasion Yet the time for relaxation was short. Map of Allied Dispositions Vevi The battlefield today rests at the top of a quiet, peaceful valley, with a winding road making its way up between the steep hills until it emerges into the open at the junction of the road leading to the village of Vevi. The Battle of Vevi— 10 th th April The battle began on the morning of the 10 th April and would rage for three days.

So ended the battle of Vevi. Sign at the memorial site Remembering Vevi The battle fought at Vevi would be remembered by the locals of the region. Greeks and Australians After Vevi Mackay force withdrew to its new positions on the left of the Olympus-Aliakmon line, with the Australian 16 th Brigade taking up to its right, having fallen back from the Veria Pass.

Plaque at the memorial site 10 th April — The 75 th Anniversary of the Battle of Vevi The battle of Vevi deserves to better known and appreciated — both in Greece and in Australia. Lest we forget. It is really a horrible story. Sorry, Grimm Bros, but it is. I can only assume my childhood love for it was born out of the sheer number of princesses and the cleverness of the soldier who foiled their selfish ways—for his own selfish gain.

It took me a little longer to let go than it should have, which meant a LOT of rewriting—numerous rewrites! Would you mind telling us a little about this latest book? Maybe some hint as to what to expect? Or is it all very top secret and hush-hush at this point? Serena: I would tell you, Karen, but then I would have to kill you. In all seriousness, The Seahorse Legacy left Erielle in a very bad way, and I can tell you that she has a long recovery ahead of her, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And her troubles are far from over! There is a new riddled prophecy to solve and attend, a new life, a new homeland, and a new adventure awaiting her in a foreign and elegantly hostile land. And lest you think this is all about Erielle, I assure you it is not!

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Cazien has a rather big secret or two or bajillion to share with her. The safety of the entire world is riding on their shoulders as they sail for the Island Realm of Nirista where the Tournament of the Twelve is about to commence. Expect danger, some comedy, surprising revelations, a few clever insults, the appearance of some old friends and enemies! Karen: Sounds great! Serena: With pleasure!

My favorite books to read are found on the YA shelves. I totally fangirl over A. These books are so original, such a crazy-bold take on the Alice in Wonderland world. Just amazing. So fast paced, so tightly written. I am just in awe when someone writes action and romance with such white-knuckle precision and yet. Katie Ganshert writing as K. Ganshert has a new YA out, The Gifting —and it blew me away. Jones and it is fabulous and fun! In inspy contemporary I recently read Betsy St.

I could go on and on… but I need to get back to work, I suppose. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Serena! I wrote this review back in February, and have been eagerly awaiting the next in the series since then. Serena Chase has done it again! The piratey torture! First off, our lead characters Erielle de Gladiel and Cazien de Pollis are individually awesome. So cool! And our hero? How to put this?

But hey, that definitely keeps things interesting! This book has its share of sigh-worthy romantic moments, as well as some touching emotional moments that really tugged at my heart-strings. Love, love, love the scene with the sea-horses, not to mention the bit where Cazien gets to play hero in the truest sense of the word. Following the war, many Greek Jews emigrated to Israel. In August , the Greek government announced that Jews of military age would be allowed to leave for Israel on condition that they renounced their Greek nationality, promise to never return, and take their families with them.

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  • Greece was the first country in Europe after the war to give back to its Jewish community possessions of Jews, that were killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust and the war as resistance fighters, so that the communities had the possibility for consolidation. A Jewish minority continues to live in Greece.

    The community has had a small decrease since the Greek government-debt crisis. The community of Thessaloniki accused Germany to pay the manumission payments back, that the Jews of Greece paid to rescue their family members, after the Nazis asked for this money, but the Nazis hadn't freed the family members anyway. The European Court of Justice dismissed this petition. In , representatives of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki demanded from the Deutsche Bahn, which is the successor of the Deutsche Reichsbahn , reimbursement for the heirs of Holocaust victims of Thessaloniki for the train fares that they were forced to pay for their deportation from Thessaloniki to Auschwitz and Treblinka between March and August According to the significant Jewish past and present of Thessaloniki the Aristotle University planned together with the Jewish community of Thessaloniki in , the reopening of the Faculty of Jewish Studies.

    A former Jewish faculty was abolished 80 years before by the Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas. On the university campus a monument commemorating the old Jewish cemetery was unveiled also in The campus was built partially on this old cemetery. Misha Glenny wrote that Greek Jews had never "encountered anything remotely as sinister as north European anti-Semitism. The twentieth century had witnessed small amounts of anti-Jewish sentiment among Greeks A neo-fascist group, Golden Dawn , exists in Greece and recently [ when?

    Reportedly in , it was officially disbanded, to no avail, by its leadership after conflicts with police and anti-fascists. The European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia — report on anti-Semitism in Greece mentioned several incidents over the two-year period making note that there were no instances of physical or verbal assaults on Jews, along with examples of "good practices" for countering prejudice.

    The report concluded that " The Greek government debt crisis , which started in , has seen an increase in extremism of all kinds, which has included some cases of antisemitic vandalism. In , the front of the Jewish Museum of Greece was defaced, for the first time ever. After a period, Alexandros Modiano, a Greek-Jewish politician, has been voted to official duties.

    Alexandros Modiano works in the City Council of Athens. Today the diplomatic relations between Greece and Israel are on a high level. The relations between the Jewish community and the state are also good. The Greek Parliament has decided to give Greek citizenship back to all Holocaust survivors who lost their Greek citizenship when leaving the country. For the process of obtaining one's Greek citizenship, there is no need to prove the religious denomination of the ancestors. Monastir Synagogue Thessaloniki. Beth Shalom Synagogue , Athens. Etz Hayyim Synagogue , Chania. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Part of a series on the. Neolithic Greece. Greek Bronze Age. Pelasgian Helladic Cycladic Minoan Mycenaean. Ancient Greece. Medieval Greece. Byzantine Greece Frankish and Latin states.

    Early modern Greece. Modern Greece. History by topic. Art Constitution Economy Military Names. Main article: Romaniote Jews. Main articles: Hasmonean and Hellenistic Judaism.

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    See also: History of the Jews in the Byzantine Empire. See also: Axis Occupation of Greece and Greek resistance. General and Jewish population of Thessaloniki [31]. Further information: Antisemitism in Greece. The rabbi of Kastoria , Rabbi Moshe Pesach. The Virtual Jewish Library. Retrieved 11 December Archived from the original PDF on 26 September Retrieved 3 April URL accessed April 15, Retrieved 21 March In "Sefunot" Vol.

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    Liepaja: Verlag von Rudolph Puhze. Contra Apionem , I. New York: Knopf. A Companion to Latin Greece, pp. Central Europe Review.

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    URL accessed July 10, October The Agony of Greek Jews, — Stanford University Press. Mor ed.

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