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The Ultimate Guide to Over 100 Horror Movies Set Around Halloween!

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Bloody Disgusting!

Visit the Australia site Continue on UK site. There are even more obscure and foreign films, not to mention better formatting. I definitely recommend these encyclopedias, and will be purchasing any future volumes. Not only do I use it as a resource to find movies that I want to see, I don't waste time on those I'd prefer to skip. Plus, I love comparing my assessment of a movie to Myford's scores and reviews. November 25, - Published on Amazon.

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A wonderful collection of reviews for all things horror and suspense. Definitely takes the guesswork out of which movies I want to watch or don't want to watch. Eric Myford definitely has great dedication to his work. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more.

Back to top. While vampires, werewolves and even serial killers command respect, the zombie is never treated as anything other than a buffoon who stumbles around in the cultural hinterlands messily decaying. Zombies are the great unwashed of horror cinema, soulless creatures that wander around without personality or purpose - a grotesque parody of the end that awaits us all.

For all their lack of finesse or style, though, the living dead have been a constant presence in horror films since the s. Schaefer begins by exploring the unique mode of production of exploitation movies, their distribution, and the outrageous exhibition practices that were rooted in the traditions of sideshows and carnivals. Engagingly written, illustrated with rare photographs, posters, production stills, and ad slicks, and offering a full filmography, Bold!

Reprinted in it's Original Old School Format! Included are 20 pages of photographs, and a guide to his unreleased 's 16mm productions. In this wide-ranging new study, David Church explores how the history of drive-in theatres and urban grind houses has descended to the home video formats that keep these lurid movies fondly alive today. Crab Monsters, Teenage Cavemen, and Candy Stripe Nurses is an outrageously rollicking account of the life and career of Roger Corman—one of the most prolific and successful independent producers, directors, and writers of all time, and self-proclaimed king of the B movie.

Running to large-format pages, Nightmare USA is a veritable encyclopedia of grindhouse cinema - it's one of the most acclaimed genre film books ever published, and after having Sold Out three times over already, it's finally back in print!

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A kaleidoscopic journey through the heyday of Horror and Exploitation Cinema in America! Nightmare USA goes where no other in-depth study has gone before, revealing the fascinating true stories behind classics and obscurities alike.

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Stephen Thrower, author of Beyond Terror, the definitive book on Italian gore maestro Lucio Fulci, has explored the attics and cellars of American cinema, delved beneath the floorboards, peered between the walls, searching for the strangest, most exotic cine-lifeforms Nightmare USA is the reader's guide to what lies beyond the mainstream of American horror, dispelling the shadows to meet the men and women behind fifteen years of screen terror: the Exploitation Independents! Fab Press. Now the celebrated filmmaker makes complicit voyeurs of us all by editing his exceptional collection of little-seen and vivid front-of-house displays into an extraordinary creation to match the observation sensations explored in his own pioneering screen work.

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  • The Encyclopedia of Horror & Suspense Movies, Volume II by Eric Myford!
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With comprehensive historical context provided for each poster and every production detail meticulously overseen by Winding Refn himself, this book encapsulates everything he has knows about eyewitness confrontation on a heart-felt journey into the art and act of seeing. American International Pictures AIP , founded by the author and James Nicholson in , produced a succession of remarkable low-budget movies in the following decades. Targeting the youth market with such films as their first big hit in , I Was a Teenage Werewolf with Michael Landon , Arkoff describes how his frugality, resourcefulness, and good business sense were parlayed into box office success.

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Typical of the author's amusing, behind-the-scenes stories, he recalls how AIP's "beach movies" incurred the wrath of Walt Disney for displaying former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello in a bathing suit. Encounters with the Catholic Legion of Decency and other guardians of morality are humorously described. Especially entertaining are the accounts of AIP's more upscale, higher-budgeted horror films of the s, which starred Vincent Price.

This good-natured, unpretentious memoir is recommended for subject collections. Creator of some of the most diverse and thematically rich genre films that have been made in American independent cinema, Cohen's oeuvre has embraced horror, science fiction, thrillers, Westerns, comedies, the biographical film, and blaxploitation gangster movies.

At turns provocative, disturbing, and humorous, his distinctly personal works in film, television, and theater are distinguished by their ferocious intelligence, biting satire, and powerful emotionalism. Over the course of 28 chapters, this in-depth career-length interview is an entertaining, enlightening, and gripping account of the singular career of a true American original. From the classic to the obscure, the Arrow Video collection encompasses all styles and genres: horror films and Westerns, science fiction and sex comedies, yakuza epics and neo-noirs, the subversive, the transgressive and the unclassifiable.

This hardback volume brings together 25 of the world s leading genre experts and critics to guide you through the multi-faceted beast that is cult cinema. Exploring the stars, the filmmakers and the trends, Cult Cinema: An Arrow Video Companion provides an intriguing trip down the less well-trodden paths of filmdom.

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  5. Sims, Kenneth J. Sci-fi, schlock, women-in-prison, Japanese monsters, biker gangs, brazen gals, mindless men, kung fu mischief, bad music, flower power, and puppet people! Utilizing in-depth reviews, cast and plot details, Slimetime wallows in those films which the world has deemed it best to forget-everything from cheesy no-budget exploi-tation to the embarrassing efforts of major studios.

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    Many of the motion pictures in "Slimetime "have never had a major release, some were big hits, others have simply "vanished. It isn't every film that features man-eating zombie sushi.

    Horror Movies 2019 in English Full Length Occult Story Thriller Film

    But for those searching for just that and more strange things in their viewing queue, this film guide is for you. Organized by genre, including comedy, horror, action, drama, fantasy, and sci-fi, this title offers reviews of genre films from all over the world, photos, and exclusive interviews and quotes from the people behind some of the most offbeat films ever made.

    Alongside this curated list of viewing recommendations, longtime fans and new comers to strange cinema gain bits of fun and informative trivia. For example, David Caruso's film debut was Without Warning , a carefree trip into the woods thwarted by killer flying alien discs. The zombie sushi, by the way, is from Dead Sushi Exploding off the page with over 1, of the best examples of exploitation, grindhouse, and pulp film poster design comes The Art of the B Movie Poster, a collection of incredible posters from low-budget films from the s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. Once relegated to the underground and midnight movie circuit, these films and their bombastic advertisements are experiencing a surge of mainstream popularity driven by fans appreciative of the artistic skill, distinctive aesthetic, and unabashed sensationalism they relied on to make a profit, with the quality of the poster often far surpassing that of the film itself.

    The book celebrates this tradition with sections divided into 'moral panic' films, action, horror, sci-fi, and of course, sex, each introduced with short essays by genre experts such as Kim Newman, Eric Schaefer, Simon Sheridan, Vern, and author Stephen Jones, winner of the Horror Writer's Association Bram Stoker Award for Non-Fiction. Edited by Adam Newell and featuring an introduction by author and filmmaker Pete Tombs, The Art of the B Movie Poster is a loving tribute to the artwork and artists that brought biker gangs, jungle girls, James Bond rip-offs and reefer heads to life for audiences around the world.

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    The first in a planned series of wide appeal books for both the curious spectator and the cult connoisseur, to be published by FAB Press annually with FrightFest, the inaugural volume is an informative celebration of the grindhouse film industry in all its diverse sex, horror and violence glory. Comprising an in-depth A-Z of the entire celluloid sleaze underworld, the book is a fast and furious zip through a once dismissed field now beloved by everyone from Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese to Peter Jackson and James Wan.

    From Blaxploitation and Nunsploitation to Godsploitation and Hixploitation, acclaimed critic, broadcaster, author, and FrightFest co-director, Alan Jones takes a wildly illustrated look at of the most infamous, obscure and bizarre movies ever made, blasting the electrifying truth before your traumatized eyes about the shock and schlock movies tapping into the basest of desires. The GCDb. Headpress Official Website. Amazon Buy now : Amazon.