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Born: Coming of Age: Age in 83 to 92 Current Population: million and declining rapidly. Depression era individuals tend to be conservative, compulsive savers, maintain low debt and use more secure financial products like CDs versus stocks. These individuals tend to feel a responsibility to leave a legacy to their children.

Baby Boomer

Tend to be patriotic, oriented toward work before pleasure, respect for authority, have a sense of moral obligation. Born: to Coming of Age: Age in Current Population: 11 million in quickening decline. People in this cohort shared in a common goal of defeating the Axis powers.

Gen X cohorts. Born: Coming of Age: Age in 59 to 76 Current Population: 41 million declining. This generation had significant opportunities in jobs and education as the War ended and a post-war economic boom struck America. However, the growth in Cold War tensions, the potential for nuclear war and other never before seen threats led to levels of discomfort and uncertainty throughout the generation.

Members of this group value security, comfort, and familiar, known activities and environments. For a long time the Baby Boomers were defined as those born between and That would make the generation huge 71 million and encompass people who were 20 years apart in age. Life experiences were completely different.

What's a Baby Boomer?

This type of media format helps them clearly understand the messages and information your brand presents. As video continues to dominate Facebook content, we recommend a few best practices to help your videos resonate with boomers. Tip: If your brand targets baby boomers on Facebook, you should be creating ecommerce video content.

Video experiences the highest engagement and visibility on the platform and will ultimately position your message for consumers to easily digest. Forbes reports that Boomers use their phones approximately five hours per day. This is strikingly similar to Millennials, who use their phones five and a half or more hours per day. So what does this mean for marketers? This demographic browses Facebook, email, news apps and the internet on their phones. As a result, businesses should consider how each of these channels plays a role in an overall marketing strategy.

Tip: although approaches will vary by company, a combination of social media and display advertisements can help brands reach the boomer demographic on both mobile and desktop devices. Every successful marketing campaign begins when brands understand their target audiences. As ecommerce marketers, we recommend developing buyer personas to truly understand the demographics and psychographics that define their typical users.

Within this group, there are countless variants and groups that will apply to specific products or services. Every business should develop a comprehensive profile of what their ideal buyer looks like.

The Boomers Are to Blame for Aging America - The Atlantic

Take the time to understand what makes your customers unique. This one is fairly straightforward. Many baby boomers are in their mid-sixties, still going out for fun and living full lives.

Why baby boomers are bankrupting the US - Planet America

As marketers, our job is to empower these users to achieve their goals. We can achieve this by showcasing the benefits that products or services provide.

Remember that aging generations often think of themselves as being younger than they actually are. For this reason, we often recommend showcasing visuals with models approximately 10 years younger than the target demographic. Above all else, respect, enthusiasm and clear communication will help brands resonate with this target market.

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Most importantly, remember the golden rule. It never gets old and will always apply in marketing — especially to the boomer segment. Digital accessibility refers to how easily an asset can be viewed, used and understood by a variety of different audiences. This practice has become a core tenant of user experience design and is especially important for aging populations. Many baby boomers wear glasses and having difficulty viewing small text. As the war dragged on into the early s, the size of the protest movement grew, largely as a result of the participation by baby boomers who joined in to call for an end to the conflict.

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