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Shadow, Sabotage and Sacrifice

Poisoning Water with cancerous and sterilising Monsatan Roundup Pesticide. Poisoning Vaccines with new DNA altering nano tech to mood alter, "calm people down" by eating parts of the brain, lobotomising you to stop euphoria, remove PTSD, creating a form of Zombie. Generally such depression creating vaccines stop connection with the Soul and such people normally commit suicide. Poisoning Vaccines with SV40 Cancer viruses and mercury adjuvants to increase cancer and brain damage babies, reduce IQ by 20 points and increase Autism from one in 25, - , to one in 50 - now, to one baby in two - Mercury and aluminium adjuvants put into all vaccinations chemically lobotomise the young and brain damage all babies by reducing IQ by 20 points.

Poison in food, water and air arouses the energy of the body to overcome the poison which is then sent back to the implanter through the Food Implant. Eventually when the body's energy system cannot overcome the poison, disease is the result, cancer is the result, medicines, operations, death before time, wisdom reduction, pharmaceutical profits, medical profits. War and democide killed million people - Human Sacrifices - in the last century.

Fluoride rat poison - yes!! Pesticides in food. A few drops of vinegar in the water used to scrub and wash vegetables will remove most pesticides. Reverse osmosis water filters remove fluoride and fluoro-silicic acid at the molecular level. Air conditioning removes most toxins from the air. Activated carbon air filters remove incinerator, foundry and ceramic factory dioxin toxins from the air. Satanic Eugenicists think that there are too many people, "You are the disease and we are the cure!

Mercury and aluminium adjuvants put into all vaccinations chemically lobotomise the young. Autism has risen since from one in twenty five thousand to one on fifty. Japan bans vaccinations for pregnant mothers and for the young. Genetically modified Frankenstein food fed to rats sterilises rats totally after the third generation.

A two year French study has pictures of rats after being fed GMO food and Monsatan Roundup covered in cancerous tumours. Europe bans GMO food. GMO food is banned in India. The Oligarchic "Principle of Poverty" uses child starvation to reduce slaves intelligence.

Lead pipes for water and lead lined wine bottles where lead poison was consciously used by the Roman Empire for years from BC to AD. Lead pipes and lead paint were used endemically up to the present day. Lead poisoning symptoms include IQ reduction, cancer and rage. Alcoholic drinks have traditionally been used to poison by the elites in every society. By itself, alcohol will not give a headache.

The additional poisons put into the alcohol give the headache. All drugs are cut with poison!! My friend said, "This is a good wine, I can drink three bottles and not get a headache!! The facts have been recorded that a totalitarian and satanic elite infil-traitored and took over all these Empires and that 72 once free, flourishing and rich republics were destroyed from within by Satanic Ritual. Infil-traition of Satanism is the methodology as slowly every Government Ministry and Societal function is taken over. Eventually a Satanist becomes King Emperor President. Christianity and Judaism - the bulwarks Against Satanism - are destroyed and then society fucked through the fear of Ritual Human Sacrifice.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Every member of humanity has been already implanted from our childhood and youth in the company of the evil in every gathering place, through pornography, traumatic sexual experiences, rapes, school, hospital, university, rituals and also from previous lifetimes by all manner of blockages including Implant Addiction Blockages - Drugs, Sex, food and unnecessary excercise etc - This means YOU! Everyone knows of the downward path, the descent into perversion, corruption, disease and an early death.

Now, as well as knowing about this instinctive resistance to addiction desire, Energy Enhancement teaches WHY!! As I say in my review of the Movie, "Limitless" - All arousal of the system into ravaging its own internal energies in Sex, Drugs, Food or unnecessary Excercise, instead of using Energy Enhancement Level One to connect to an infinite stream of free energy from the Chakras above the head ending with God. All arousal of the system into ravaging its own internal energies in Sex, Drugs, Food or unnecessary Excercise will result in the, "Burnout of the Binge" as your life energy is sent back to the vampire implanter and you the implanted are stoned, burnt out, anaesthetised, recuperating, ill, cold, influenza, ME, medical intervention, surgical intervention, ghosted, on the verge of death, Dead before your natural time By Surrounding all these blockages in Energy Enhancement Protection, Pyramid Protection or Merkaba Protection, it will cut off that energy blockage from its support, from the people who are draining your energy along energetic connections from the energy blockage back to them.

So Psychic Protection stops the vampiric drainage even though the Implant Blockages still remain. Stopping the vampiric drainage and energetic support of the blockage through the use of Energy Enhancement Psychic Protection which can even help in removing the blockage is a necessary preliminary to the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level Two - Remove Energy Blockages.

Saturn is the origin of Satan and Moloch which is the origin of human sacrifice - your first born child, usually. Human Sacrifice Rituals have been performed continuously for 10, years. Here he is devouring his children - cannibalism - Cain-Abel-ism - like the elite devour Enron, housing bubbles, pension funds and You - like the other part of the dark side vampirises the energies of their sons and brothers and You through energy blockage implants - mentioned by Dante in the Inferno of the Comedia - painted above by Goya.

Implant blockages and the people who implant them congregate any public place where people go - like walking down the street, Malls, supermarkets, plays, concerts and bars, also in clubs, churches and workshops. Amnesia blockages Amnesia blockage are energy blockages sent out by astral minions who work for BMs to prevent someone following their soul path, or getting in their way of doing good work. When activated, they trigger forgetfulness in the victim. Good for preventing self-healing or god-work or to forget important information.

Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personalities Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personalities are formed accidentally or consciously through traumatic or torture situations such as carefully planned torture and murder The soul splits or alters can then be programmed using drugs and hypnotism - a technology known for 10, years.

Once formed these Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personalities can be passed on from lifetime to lifetime. The torture, drug, hypnotism technology used for thousands of years - and updated and improved recently by Mengele in Auschwitz Concentration Camp with more information on the torture people can take before dying as they keep people alive so they can torture them more and a vastly increased pharmacology - has been documented in Fritz Springmeier's "How to create a completely mind controlled Illuminati slave" available free on the net, just Google.

This is sabotage towards everything their soul wants to accomplish, leading to an eternal string of bad luck, poor health, low wealth material and spiritual and unhappiness. Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personalities are like subconscious demons which heavily affect a persons choices, thoughts, emotions and activites. Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personalities use strategies to vamp energy from people around them, such as the poor me, the black star and the violator.

These strategies are symptoms of soul splits only integrate-able by the Energy Enhancement seven step process. If you ever wonder why people act in these ways, maybe now you know. Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personalities function subconsciously through the will of the controlling BM - who connects to them through psychic cord energy connections, to sabotage the life of the victim, who is only aware consciously at a shallow level of what is going on energetically behind the scenes of their own life.

Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personalities are the cause of DID where the main personality elides into the Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personality. Where the main personality blanks out and is taken over by a new Inner child traumatic soul split sub-personality. As Frodo said of Boromir when he tried to take the Ring, "You are not yourself" As another more confident star or depressed poor me personality takes over when you are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Clearing and healing these Inner children traumatic soul split sub-personalities by Energy Enhancement Techniques allows one to integrate the lost energy back into your main soul energy. The goal should be to heal all of them and integrate them to fuse with the soul chakra above the crown.

It does not change. It always follows its Soul's path. It always does what it good and that which is right!! Sleep spell blockages Similar to the amnesia blockages, the sleep spell blockages cause fatigue and weakness and tiredness in the individual who gets hit by them. Demon implant blockages then seem to go through a cloning process and are sent out on command of the BM in charge of the group. Factories are usually designed to produce one kind of blockage - fear blockages, sexual addiction blockages, amnesia blockages, sleep blockages.

Blockages sent into the lower portion of the antahkarana introduce emotions of fear, fear is the mind killer. This is energetic slavery. Blockages suck energy from the psychic body into the minions or directly into the BM. BMs who travel out of body into the astral can send out psychic darts which look like black, hard darts which get stuck into the antahkarana. They leak out poisonous dark energy into the persons channel, fear energy and manipulation.


Blockages implanted above the head in the flow of energy of the infinite chakras above the head going up to god, limits the flow of energy coming down from god, cutting one off from ones soul path and the energetic support from god. This also deals with mind-control, the implantation of wrong thoughts, amnesia, evil sabotaging thoughts which flow through dark energy from the BM through an energy astral cord or energy connection, down the antahkarana into any implant blockage - into the person into any chakra by means of an implant energy blockage in the base chakra, third eye chakra or into the crown sahasrara chakra.

Over many lifetimes the blockages implanted in millions of people send energy back to BMs who live eternally on the Astral Plane in artificial wombs curled like a foetus surrounded by layers of NKM protection - sometimes fifty layers, one hundred layers - each layer protected by guardian demons - looking very much like the ideas in the Matrix Movie.

Into this astral construct flow millions of cords from implant blockages looking like a telephone exchange. Normally a real human being has a connection with. These guys consciously block the heart chakra and its empathy. They block the second ray of Alice Bailey. They do this to kill out compassion as Hitler always enjoined his minions. Normally people download all their energy from the infinite chakras above the head. These guys cut themselves off from the chakras above the head with energy blockages in order to cheat death and remove conscience and live on the vampirised energy from millions of people for thousands of years.

However, over many lifetimes they deteriorate and fall to the ever competitive others. The source of personal power, wealth and abundance energy which naturally comes from earth up into the root chakra of a healthy person is blocked with hundreds of implants from many BMs in a normal person. This keeps people poor, weak and in fear.

By removing Blockages through Energy Enhancement Techniques our personal power is enhanced and wealth and abundance energy is restored. Energy Implant Blockages turn a human into an energetic battery or slave.

Dear Friends,

That means YOU! Soul-infused makes the aura locked on high energy and prevents future implantation from BMs. In general, blockages with intent to enslave a human will be sent below the root to generate a weak, poor and fearful energy battery. Blockages in the third eye will decrease psychic vision, like the controlled media will control that which can be seen like blinkers on a horse, like the seeing stones in the Lord of the Rings are under the control of Sauron, only allowing Denethor and Saruman to see the things that he wants, cutting them off from anything which would provide hope, thus eventually corrupting them to turn to his side, the side of evil, destroying their implacable will to oppose evil and to cleave to their soul path.

Click Here!! All of those guys Failed to Solve the Problem of the Shadow. None of these guys have Any practical solution for the Shadow.. And the Source of All Evil within You!! Satchidanand talks about the problem and introduces the ONLY practical solution to the dissolution, the healing, The Removal, of the Shadow. The Integration of the Soul. Blockages which have the intent to cut a human off from their soul path, god connection and to mind control them will be sent above the head. Keep in mind that I am seeing hundreds of these dark implants and hooks in every normal person.

Not one or two, - Hundreds. They Attack people psychically in public places with many people. Once the plug goes into me, dark energy can flow up and down the channel to vamp my spiritual life force or to transmit darkness into me to affect my mind, thoughts and feelings. Implants below the base chakra blocking the flow of energy coming up from earth, to cause fear and therefore make the person useless, too afraid to follow their path. Slavery blockages.

Energy vamping. Implants above the crown chakra to invoke mind control, to drain spiritual energy. BMs go out of the physical body to attack people while they sleep at night. They take over an area, a town or place and feel it is their right to abuse all who move through it or live in it. Everyone becomes their prey, their milk cows.

Plentiful sources of life energy to drain and repress. This happens to all people, at all times, at all places. Most aren't psychically aware enough to see or feel what is going on. Bad people, implanters or their workers congregate in schools as teachers, secret society rituals, or in children's hospitals as doctors where the helpless are implanted for a life of addiction just by looking or even in hospital rituals at the dead of night.

Thus Satanist Jimmy Sa vile worked in Broadmoor and children's hospitals. Implant blockages can be programmed to be implanted from web sites and videos. Sexual implant blockages from sex sites or pornographic books and magazines and videos, or from Sexual groups or clubs or prostitutes or from any partner who has already been implanted - really from anything in that milieu. Pornographic videos which spread the sex stimulant implant virus. Sexual congress radiates sexual energy as well as sexual implant blockages.

As the actors in these pornographic videos get drained, so they radiate less sexual energy, require more stimulation, more drugs to get the same response. The purveyors know this. They know their product. They know what radiates sexual energy the most.

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They know who radiates the most. They cut the stimulation parts together to get people wanting more. They cut climaxes together for the connoisseur. They implant, implant, implant!! Bars and public houses contain alchohol and nicotine implant viruses as well as sexual implant viruses. As the amount of implants grow, as the need for stimulation due to an inherent lack of energy - because it has all been vampirised - grows, so the subject is coarsened and perverted.

There is always more energy in the undrained innocent. As the disease progresses, more and more stimulation is needed to provide the same response. Thus sex, drugs, bondage and sado masochism, homosexuality, pederasty. Vampirism - Chinese sexual tantra teaches how to steal sexual energy from your partners. The drained die easy. Early death. This is enegetic slavery.

Blockages suck energy into the minions or directly into the BM. Blockages implanted above the head in the flow of energy going up to god, limits the flow of energy coming down from god, cutting one off from ones soul path and the energetic support from god. This also deals with mind-control, the implantation of wrong thoughts, amnesia, sabotaging thoughts which flow through dark energy from the bm through the astral cord, down the antahkarana into the person.

The source of personal power, wealth and abundance energy which naturally comes from earth up into the root chakra of a healthy person is blocked with hundreds of implants from many BMS in a normal person. This turns a human into an energetic battery or slave. Blockages with intent to cut a human off from their soul path, god connection and to mind control them will be sent above the head. Therefore we are entitled to EAT you! And so it has been for thousands of years! And so we intend to keep it! Their lodge member urban planner and his masters are telling you: Congress?

Representative Democracy? Suckers, we OWN you and your congressman. I guess the education system isn't full proof indoctrinating your children into Bolshevik Communism If you really think that my analysis is a form of softness or passivity then you really misread me and the purpose of this site. You probably know that it is a well-known problem with despots and dictators when the gradually surround themselves with only those kind of advisors who enthusiastically agree with everything the despot wants to hear and with everything the despot says.

Enemy Propaganda is like this. Or do you prefer to come here, get what I hope is an honest, if generally cautious, analysis which you can then either accept or reject? My job is to try to present to you the truth as best as I can distinguish it - and see below the supporting evidence. Even when that truth is cautious or, worse, unpleasant. Last is action. Courtesy of Edward W. Carter deceased. Lawrence Berkeley reporting on the Manhattan Project to create the Atomic bomb, lunching with future president Eisenhower and past president Hoover at Bohemian Grove, July 23, The Elite, for 10, years, have used meditation and psychic powers as part of their mind control arsenal.

Consciously, they have denigrated meditation in all normal, mind controlled, - non questioning - people because the people who do not question are kind of dumb!! Meditation is one of the powers which controls the World, therefore learn meditation!! The actions I recommend are the avoidance of poison, and the active getting the poison out of the body, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually with Energy Enhancement Meditation Course either by Video or Live, with us.

Deprogram, Become normal. Spread the plan. In any group it takes only one bad person to Implant all the Others. The Ego Death of Enlightenment. And then she married Shiva!! White Hindu Myth. The "Stealer on the Doorstep" is a Root Implant Blockage implanted into the Anus and the Coccyx with branches going to the tip of the Penis, the abdomen to create the food implant, the spleen and then into the head to create the blockage which dreams.

Yes, when you dream, unless its a purely spiritual dream, you are sending all that dream energy back to the implanter. Unless you can remove the, "Stealer on the Doorstep" sexual implant blockage, the energies of Sex, of sexual stimulation, of the orgasm itself, will be sent back to the person who implanted you.

And the "Stealer on the Doorstep" sexual implant blockage, will addict you to sex; depending on your evolution you will.. You will be perverted by stimulation as a child. Pederasty is passed on from generation to generation. You will be perverted by Sexual Ritual where everything goes in order to pervert and debase the original soul and you will still send all your energy back to your implanter.

Aleister Crowley had ritual sex with his, "Whore of Babylon" every day. Aleister Crowley had ritual sex with his Dog Priest Male partner where he took the submissive role. A person who has much to learn will burn the candle at both ends using drugs to stimulate response. Aleister Crowley remained addicted to Heroin and Cocaine until the end of his days. Here addiction to sex is combined with addiction to drugs because the field of the dark side is Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!!

But no matter how you react to the "Stealer on the Doorstep" sexual implant blockage, if you have it, and don't remove it with Energy Enhancement, you will still be addicted to sex. This has got to be one of the most powerful and richest families of the world: The surname literally translates to Satan, after you figure out the riddle.

Because Aldebaran is the morning star and falling angel. I have eaten many dinners in their palace in Frascati, Italy close to Rome in the Castelli Romani hills. The Aldobranidini's are the distant cousins of the Breakspear's and are married to the Rothschilds - the Rothschilds marrying in to the family. These people have the big massive orgies.

We know that Stanley Kubrick was present at this Castle for many orgies. He got the inspiration of Eyes Wide Shut there. There is a portait of Kubrick inside the main hall with his autograph giving thanks to the Aldobrandini family for supporting his films, although he was assassinated after Eyes Wide Shut. There name is Arabic, which means they are also Moorish converts to Catholicism, but came from Egypt as well they married into the Venetian Este Family Theres a lodge called Al-dabaran.

It is to put respect to Taurus. Have you ever wondered WHY, Picasso did all of those orgy paintings with Taurus as giving orgies to many women.? It is not only because Picasso was funded by the Aldobrandini's, he had many orgies in Rome. Picasso is a Jesuit as well. A Co-Adjutor. Oh boy! I have gotten what I asked for! I am really struggling to cut the connections with xxx.

Today I have felt so much fear come through some must be mine and now in the last few minutes I know she has either fallen asleep or smoked a joint and she is over 65 miles away. Yesterday, she did some coke and I was wired all day. I was very high and to begin with thought it was somebody from above giving me light and energy.

But for the most part I cant concentrate or stand still - it's too painful to feel all of her stuff all the time. It's like being in perpetual fear. Yes, I might well have bitten off more than I can chew. The night before I managed to cut the ties with xxx as per my previous email, I dreamt that amidst a whole load of fear experiences, crows gathered around my neck and comforted me.

Their black feathers rubbed against my face. For some reason I believe that this event was connected to help I was given to release me from ties with xxx last Friday. And maybe now this is why it is not working for me cos I no longer have this help. The energy connection is so strong between us; I have never experienced anything like this.

Recently xxx took the initiative to redefine our relationship, which meant that none of us were going to "fall" in love. Feeling her break the energy connections with this decision, I felt fear sadness and loss and dreams took me back to prep school when I was home sick all the time missing my mom when i first went there - crying every morning.

Until this redefining of our relationship I was not aware of all her stuff, but now I feel it all the time and cant get her out of my mind to do daily tasks easily. I cant find peace. So, I see that I have created the same strong attachments with xxx as existed with my mum, which when broken and denied me, make me feel fear and loss, sadness. On top of this I get her stuff too. Right now I am feeling grounded and comfy cos I know shes stoned or asleep. Is this because of implants do you think or is it due to simple energy ties?

She is linked to a source of bad energy, from which I am suffering. It goes straight out of my solar plexus, leaving me in fear all the time. I work on it most sits, and try to get the connector implants that make it all possible, as you have pointed out". Transmitting and Receiving Communication in a shared and balanced way but also the way of the implanting energy vampire. What is the intent, to heal or harm? Energy Enhancement and Third Law of Thermodynamics.

Energy Blockages tend to move from one person to another according to the Third Law of Thermodynamics - Energy flows from areas of high concentration to low concentration. This means Positive energy flows from Saints at a high energy level into people of low levels , thus raising them up and making them higher. Another byproduct is that Blockages tend to get thrown out by this raising of energies and in the process making their blockages really upset.

Thus the attributes of Kundalini Energy. A feeling of Awe and Fear or Anger. Shaking and heat and cold in the presence of the Enlightened. The Blockages of the unenlightened flow into the enlightened - and into YOU!!! Negative energy flows from High concentrations to low concentrations. So, if you hang around people with blockages, they will percolate into you!! This has the effect of healing the people who come into the presence of the wise, but unless they are coming to learn, rather than being just curious, the unenlightened will soon come back to their previous state.

T hus, protection is very necessary to prevent Energy Enhancement students from picking up the blockages of others , giving out too much spiritual energy or receiving too much positive energy, except when they want to Implant Addiction Blockages, which transmit the added energy aroused by the addiction back to the implanter can be stopped by psychic protection put around the blockage. Every member of humanity has been already implanted from our childhood and youth in the company of the evil in every gathering place, through pornography, traumatic sexual experiences, rapes, school, hospital, university and and also from previous lifetimes by all manner of blockages including Implant Addiction Blockages - Drugs, Sex, food and unnecessary excercise etc - This means YOU!

That knowledge must not only be revived, but as we do here, must be situated within and updated by appropriate terms of modern scientific and Energy Enhancement Spiritual knowledge. In the movie you get this little tablet which looks like pure transparent crystal denoting purity Fast moving high profit pressure industries like the Stock Market, buying and selling Derivatives in the Imaginary Casino Economy have traders who can only function with cocaine.

Their problem is one of Burn Out!! With Drugs all cut with poison the body fills up with toxins and the hair and teeth fall out and the organs harden up and soon the body dies - much before its normal time of dying. In the movie the results of using the drug is shown.. The inability to concentrate. The tendency to disease and death. And in the Movie, all we have to do is to work out the bugs in the drugs..

And everything will be OK. Whereas this search for the perfect drug has been going on for a thousand years. And never has the perfect drug been found. The reason for this is that these drugs have their wonderful effect by using up the internal energy stored in your internal batteries given at birth and replenished in sleep. Drugs make you vampirise your own energy stores.

Anne Baring's Website

Drugs make you burn up the candle at both ends - soon the energy is used up and there is nothing left to burn. It is the same with the corruption of Sex Magic and the passing on of sexual implants through personal contact and BDSM and even of exercise, of running where one of our friends read this book where she heard that it was good to push yourself past your limits and into your reserves of energy, well in the same way that drugs push you past your limits and into your reserves, the result is always the same And then the descent into Vampirism - learning to become an Energy Vampire - to take your energy from everyone around you, family, friends, Horrible, the Horror, the Horror!!

Drugs at first give you the experience of Enlightenment, Illumination which we teach in Energy Enhancement. Enlightenment is the connection with infinite energy - in a way it is the Ultimate Drug without the Drugs!! Sensible people then use this first experience as a spring board to search for this same experience without drugs. For thousands of years, this experience has been available only with Meditation. Just like in the Movie Limitless, Illumination speeds up the memory and the mind and allows the interconnections between disparate information and synthesises it into what the Greeks call Genius..

With this Soul Connection all the expansion of the Mind of all the faculties, the talent, the Genius come about without any ill effects because it is simply the natural course of Energy Enhancement Accelerated Evolution - tapping in to the chakras outside the body along the Antahkarana which ends in God - The One God with 10, names, Immortal, Invisible, God only wise.

Orca – Killer Whale Symbolism

The Chakra which supplies the Fountain of Kundalini Energy to your Base Chakra, Muladhara Chakra, which then supplies Kundalini Energy to all the other chakras in the body, energising them, charging them up, purifying them, releasing all their native energies and talents. And we tap into that God Energy, an infinite charge, an Infinite supply.. Because when we connect with the Soul, not only do we connect with Infinite Energy, but we also connect with Intuition and Synthesis.

Enlightenment is the Good Path.

The Path which connects you with your Soul. The Real Enlightenment which has been talked about and demonstrated by Sages and Saints for Thousands of years, we have the phrase.. Around the globe, shamans traditionally, would go into trance states to journey through the worlds. The way this was done varied by location — fasting, initiations, ecstatic practices like dance or music, or hallucinogens. In this day and age we have continued to evolve, and with the spreading of spiritual practices, it is a lot easier for most people to journey without the use of hallucinogenic substances.

Ecstatic dance, drum journeys, and deep meditations are all more commonly practiced, widespread and relatively easy to access and learn. And not just seeing them, but connecting with them, listening and learning from them. Interacting and developing relationships with them. This course will have a strong focus on connecting with the spirit of the plants we are working with.

On listening, learning, integrating and putting into practice the lessons we learn from them. Plant spirits are the vibrational signature or soul of the plant. Much like we humans have our own unique vibration and soul, so do plants. When we sit in stillness and tune into plant spirit we may come to learn about their personality, how they wish to be used, what actions and benefits they hold, where they may work for us, as humans, within our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The spirit of a plant gives a deep and true indication of what a plant has to offer for our evolution and that of the planet. When you meet a plant spirit, the feeling is usually felt profoundly and with a knowing. Not all plants wish to communicate quickly, so patience is required and developing a relationship with the plant is beneficial to communicating effectively. How a plant spirit presents itself will be unique to you and your developed intuitive senses, mostly trust that you are receiving the information correctly.

The Pathways This course is a series of Activation Pathways. What does that mean? Why are we offering this course? The Pathways Pathway One next starts October 1st, Pathway One — Creating Sacred Space This contains the groundwork and preparation work needed in order to commence the plant activation pathway which will begin in week 8.

The Four Elements. Week Five: Connecting with Nature: Deepening your journey. The principles of nature connection, an introduction to communicating with nature spirits and plants. Week Six: Introduction to Shamanic Journeying. Meet your animal and guide. The beginning of our plant activation pathway. This is the first plant code in activating a Sacred Earth all work begins within! Starting a materia medica, plant spirit communication, plant activation work. Rattle Crafting Workshop to make a traditional hide rattle. You can choose to attend this workshop in person includes materials ; or online does not include materials.

You will be invited to interact with the community in a private facebook forum. We will also have some live sharing circles via zoom. Two steps: 1.

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  3. To Breathe the Breath of Isis!
  4. Working on the Building: The Work of Limits.

Make your payment via the button below. In pathway one we laid the groundwork and created space for the real work! Week One — Womb as Creative Vessel. Week Two — Birth Work. Players are encouraged to make multiple characters; however, all characters owned by the same player must be held underneath the same reddit account. Karma builds and Life Modules are not supported at this time. These may be upgraded to Prime at a later date.

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    The Chargen head must give a clear reason upon request, and the player may bring it up to Senate. Active Characters Each player may have a maximum of five Active Characters at any time. An Active Character is any character approved by the Character Team. Dead and retired characters do not count towards this limit. All Infected characters will be sterile they cannot infect other characters.

    Players can dive even deeper into their characters through Private Sessions arranged with Game Masters. Are you saving up for some sweet cyberware, but keep getting hamstrung by these pesky feel-good runs? Fret not! Here at ShadowNET, you can choose to Work for the Man convert karma rewards into nuyen rewards or Work for the People convert nuyen rewards into karma rewards. Each point of karma is worth two-thousand nuyen. You can not exchange karma or nuyen not earned on the run.

    On your character sheet, you are not allowed to rename gear and other aspects of the sheet, such as martial arts and qualities. If the GM explicitly states that it is fine to loot, then looting is allowed. Otherwise, looted items do not stay with you after the run. If the GM says no once, you must respect their decision and not ask more. Much like how one can upgrade a weapon focus by rolling for availability and paying the difference in price, any item with a rating cameras, jammers, weapon foci, etc. Cyberdecks, commlinks, and RCCs can also be upgraded this way.

    Upgrading within the Specific lines: SpinRad Systems, Evo, and Trans-Erika, can be done for only the difference in cost between the packages. The other Lines are not upgradeable, because of the nature of the differences in the packages. They are the same manufacturer but drastically different contents. Any gear or equipment that falls into the following categories will require a specific run, approved by the GM division, in order to acquire.

    You cannot acquire these pieces on the black market, and thus do cannot roll dice and make a negotiation check in order to obtain them. We use core rules. Please track yourself in real time, we are keeping track on the GM side as back up. Training is hard work, and takes a great deal of time; however, with a little help from the right folk, learning can be fun and take less time! Below is a list of our training rules:. Knowledge skill trainers cost half the normal price.

    Attributes can be raised at a rate of 1 point per week, regardless of base level. The exception to this is Edge, which takes no time at all. Along with the standard rules for martial arts and specializations, ShadowNET also allows characters to work with their trainers to reduce this training time to one week. Training timers are not affected. If it takes a real-world Month is required for a thing, it takes a real-world Month. These run synced downtimes are strictly tied to downtime activities. Please make all of these roles on the GMs table when possible, else use the Gear Acquisition channel.

    Clarifications: After passage, this was later toned down to only apply to karma purchases with timers either before or after the purchase. Rent will never need to be paid more than once per month. If you backdate a purchase to a month, everything good or bad related to that purchase is also backdated to that date instead of the date you made the change, including this rule.