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For a long time anytime something difficult came up, I would just distract myself.

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But retreat taught me that if I avoided something it would never go away. Silence taught me that space helps me face hard times. I used to think love was this big thing. But in retreat I found that I felt love for so many things. Silence taught me that love can be simple. I used to think courage was about facing danger, but during retreat I realized that real courage is about facing yourself.

Silence taught me the courage it takes to be still.


The next time you are afraid, stop and wait for it to pass. There is immense courage inside your heart. The next time someone doubts you, instead of disagreeing, silently vow not to give up. Action speaks volumes. I often ask for reassurance or feedback. But living in silence meant I had to trust my instincts. Silence taught me to have faith in myself. The next time you begin to feel anxious, sit in silence and see if you can find the space of deep faith that lives in your heart. Silence taught me the importance of telling the truth.

Notice times where you tell little lies and try telling the truth instead. It helped me see how much I took for granted and how much I had to be grateful for. At the end of every day sit in silence and ask yourself what am I grateful for. Silence taught me that simplicity and joy are close companions. Pick one space in your home you could simplify.

Keep it simple for one month and enjoy the ease it offers your life. I used to think I had to talk in order to feel connected. I realized during retreat that I can feel connected just by being near people I care about. Silence taught me that words can get in the way. Do something in silence with someone you love. It will be awkward at first but eventually you will see what it means just to be in someone presence.

I studied philosophy in college and I thought I could read about truth.

But retreat taught me that truth is found in silence. Silence has taught me a deeper truth than words ever could. Sit in silence once a week and feel the truth in your heart. Photo by Hartwig HKD. He trained for two years at a Zen monastery, is an endurance athlete, and founder of MindFitMove.

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I deplaned with a grin short on oxygen and a family took me in.

Whitney Barker (Illustrator of Sitting My Way Through Life)

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Melanie Senn - vocals. Jason Slota - drums, surdo. I heard her say on the radio I want heartland values extended to all. Here are a few ideas for how to do it without really trying:. Since I work from home, I have to make a more concentrated effort to meet these goals. I've started walking to a nearby coffee shop in the afternoon and I hop on an indoor bicycle for at least minutes a day. If all else fails, I'll do laundry because I have to walk down two sets of stairs.

Meeting your target activity level is just the first step. The second part is much simpler and only requires you stand up now and again. Here's how I remind myself to do it. Photo by o5com. We know that if you stand up for just one or two minutes every hour, it can reduce the negative effect of sitting all day. Technically, you don't even have to move, the act of standing alone helps. When you're in the moment and working hard, it's difficult to remember. I found enabling the hourly announcement in OS X the best reminder. If the alarm isn't enough, you can download dedicated software to remind you.

Windows users can use free programs like, Workrave or Breaker to set up automated alerts.

For Macs, Time Out seems the best free option. These programs will remind you to stand and dim the desktop to force you out of your chair. It's up to you how you use these micro-breaks. You don't even have to move if you don't want to, but if you want to get a little activity in that minute, here's a quick way to do it without leaving your desk area:. I also set up an iCade at a standing level so I have something to occupy me when I stand up. Personally, I need objectives and I'm not good at just idling for a few minutes.

The iCade adds a sense of purpose if I don't want to stretch. TV commercials suck. Instead of wasting time watching the same car commercial you've seen for the last 20 years, consider the commercial break a chance to stand and stretch. To help me find constructive things to do during commercials or the credits when I'm in the midst Netflix marathon , I keep a to-do list on the coffee table as opposed to at my desk. This works as a gentle reminder to take out the trash, do the dishes, clean the litter box, or whatever else needs to get done.

The best part? I don't have to watch commercials. On a similar note, when playing video games online, I use the end of a match as a notification to stand up.

If I'm playing a single player game, I stand during loading screens. The point is that most of the activities we sit down to enjoy have these types of natural breaks in them. If you're reading you can stand up after a chapter or two. If you're playing board games you can stand up after each match. Instead of sitting and turning your mind off, stand and do it. It's really that simple. Photo by annethelibrarian. The moral here is two-fold: stand up once an hour and get at least 30 minutes of activity in a day. That's it. Unless you're overweight, you don't have to start exercising or going to the gym to counteract the negative effects of sitting. You just have to make sure you're moving throughout the day. You don't even have to give up your TV marathons—you just need to accent them with a little hourly effort. The A. Thorin Klosowski.