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Now,if we look at the time covered in all these cases —it happens to extend for more than a good decade. The Black Buck case stretching for 20 years while the Hit and Run Case for 13 years Therefore,it is the Judgement which shrunk due to the bombardment of heavy money.

Now this makes me think, Will Justice be delayed and later denied even for commoners like us? Can spending 29 Crores on Black Buck death, free anyone from their sins? Are so called National Laws only for a common man? Its All true. I dont know what has happened to Indian citizens who are So Witlessly supporting a murderer, Animla killer.

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And now the demi god of millions of fans and followers around the world makes his return on the silver screen in the iconic character of Prem. There should absolutely no doubt his family drama Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will be yet another blockbuster movie. And this is exactly what this PRDP spoof video trying to say.

After winning over the audiences with his Bajrangi Bhaijaan on the occasion of Eid worldwide, Salman will come back in November as Prem.

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In witnesses connected to the case were being questioned, and Patil started missing his court hearings, in order to avoid cross-examination by top brass lawyers hired by Khan and also to stay away from the constant gaze of the media, which was desperate to squeeze a sensational story out of him. He chose to run away from Mumbai for a few days since this whole episode had taken a huge physical and emotional toll on him and this he felt would be the best way to steer clear of this high profile drama which had made his life a living hell.

The repercussions were most unexpected and an arrest warrant was issued in his name since the proceedings of the court were being held up due to his absence. Subsequently, he was arrested from a hotel in Mahabaleswar, just outside Mumbai and was imprisoned at Arthur Road Jail. The worst was yet to come. At the Arthur Road Jail Patil was lodged with hardened criminals and in spite of him going on record and saying that he went absconding as he was mentally disturbed at the thought of being cross-examined by defense lawyers, nobody seemed to be interested.

After his release from jail, he lost his job and was disowned by his family. A man crushed by his circumstances, he went missing again and was later found in at the Sewri Municipal Hospital in Mumbai. He had begged on the streets prior to being brought to the hospital and years of mental trauma clubbed with a drinking problem had reduced him to a skeleton. To make matters worse he had contracted drug-resistant tuberculosis. On the 4th of October, , Ravindra Patil breathed his last.

His family was not aware of his death and his brothers, who were later informed, came forward to perform the last rites. We are not here to play judge, jury and executioner. However the question to ask is what led to this atrocious miscarriage of justice? Also how does the charitable, gold hearted Salman Khan feel about it? While the actor continues to bask in the sunshine of his success, an innocent man was sent to his grave.

A reluctant, unwilling participant stuck in a game that he did not wish to play. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The law of the land is the same for all men. If found guilty, individuals should be prosecuted regardless of their social and financial stature and judgments should be sans favours and privileges. Once proven guilty, he should be made to pay for his mistakes, just as any other offender in the dock. See more. Which song will get you grooving for NavratriHK?

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