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Kryten, in losing guilt, becomes amoral. I do not believe this completely fits in with how guilt works. Rimmer, in losing anger, becomes a caricature of a far-left liberal. Anger as an emotion makes people think more negatively about people so the views expressed by Rimmer would seem to fit in to a person without anger even if they are exaggerated and twisted a little for comedic effect. It was just too much.

All that food. I was like an animal. When Rimmer originally had a body he was not a man of excess. Rimmer did not overeat, he rarely had a drink and he rarely, if ever, smoked cigars.

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But when deprived of these for 2 years he goes crazy and indulges all of his gluttonous tendencies. Imagine being deprived of something you love for 2 years and then magnify it many times for Rimmer. Goodness me! No, someone made that up to prevent you all from going nuts! Both Kryten and Hudson 10 run on the idea that their life is meaningless without the idea of an afterlife. It is a view that is held by many in the world today. But Kryten and Hudson 10 represent a more fundamentalist religious view.

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Their view is that life should not be enjoyable; life should just be servitude to reach their afterlife. When people lose their faith it can damage them and their perception of the world around them, in some cases in thinking their world has lost meaning they can shut down to the world around them. Kryten has a crisis of faith when he realises he has had fun before the electronic afterlife. It almost seems to be an indication that he is losing his faith but later episodes would suggest he still believes in Silicon Heaven.

What this all means is that if you are a person then to stay within the law of identity you must stay true to what you are.

When good TV goes bad: how Red Dwarf’s star faded

It's a good thing that Lister happens to have some lager to hand — it is, after all, the only thing that can kill a vindaloo. Oh, and there's a crucial re-jig of Red Dwarf continuity in this episode, when it's casually mentioned that Lister DID in fact have a relationship with Kochanski — until this point, the official story was that he'd merely had an unrequited crush on her from afar.

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A cheeky change, to be sure, but one which paves the way for Kochanski's return later on. Rimmer's come a long way since the first two series, when he was an unrelenting smeghead of a man.

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Now he's a relenting smeghead, with moments of genuine sadness and pathos shining through the layers of prat that surround him. And he gets another chance to make us feel slightly sorry for him when the crew arrive at a prison facility where Rimmer is convicted of causing the radiation leak that killed almost everyone on Red Dwarf.

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His defence, mounted by Kryten, involves emphasising that Rimmer is too much of an irrelevant non-entity ever to have been responsible for such a calamity. Later in the series, something miraculous happens. No, Lister doesn't have a shower. What happens is, Holly becomes clever again. In fact, she becomes a tad more than clever, when Kryten's meddling gives her the IQ of several thousand Stephen Hawkings.


It contains either a female guard or a deranged prisoner from Justice World, so the crew go there in an attempt to find out more. Another rule within Justice World is that if you try to commit a crime, that crime will happen to you instead, and this leads to an amusing fight which culminates in Cat knocking himself out by hitting his opponent in the head with a spade.

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  5. It also features a rather slow opening in which Talkie Toaster played incidentally by David Ross, the original series two Kryten tells variants of the same joke over and over again. This is followed by an equally laugh-out-loud scene in which Lister, Cat and Kryten are caught sneaking out to go on a fishing trip without Rimmer.