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Hamilton was swiftly subdued by a park attendant. He was later judged to be insane, charged with treason, and sentenced to five years hard labor in Gibraltar. The Hamilton incident was the fifth of eight unsuccessful assassination attempts on Queen Victoria during her reign.

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Across Ireland, an estimated one million people had died from starvation or disease, and another million had emigrated, many to America. Queen Victoria intended her visit to be a show of solidarity with her impoverished Irish subjects, but many thought the trip to be ill-advised.

In Cork she was met with flowers and triumphal arches. Her journals describe how deeply touched she felt by the affection and loyalty shown to her by the Irish people. The visit was considered a public relations success. Emily Mary Lamb was born on April 21, , the fifth of six children.

The reinvention of Christmas under Queen Victoria

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    Chronophotographe double-use camera chronophotographe. Author Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, Victoria in the Highlands: the personal journal of Her Majesty Queen Victoria; with notes and introductions, and a description of the acquisition and rebuilding of Balmoral Castle, Author Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, Nevill, Barry St.

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