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Their whereabouts are unknown. Georg Koch Purchased for Sl. Koch, documented on artist's list "Purchaser List".

Georges Bizet: Oeuvres pianistiques (Piano Works)

Painting appeared again in the s and went from a northern Germany collection into a North German Gallery Kiel or Hamburg? Height: Width: 7. Property of the Dr. Lange, Berlin, Germany, November 18, Medium: Sculpture Height: On November 16, the crate with the sculpture was picked up.

Théâtre de l'Oeuvre | theatre, Paris, France |

Last seen in Dr. Medium: oil on canvas Height: 6.

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Raspail, Paris, France, in July This list, the first of its kind, provides the public with essential information about major works of art missing since the war. The selection process involved extensive searches of lost art data bases focusing on works of art for which there was an image, and which we believe survived the war. It is not a comprehensive list; no list could be.

The Monuments Men Foundation will regularly be adding to this list. It will consider all submissions meeting this criteria.

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  • The Last Bature.

The decision to add any submissions is at the sole discretion of the Foundation. Submittals, containing an image and information similar to the above entries, should be forwarded to: WWIIart monumentsmenfoundation.

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Claude Monet Thaw Medium: oil on canvas Height: Auguste Rodin Bronze Bust of Mrs. From this moment, she repudiated her previous work, a derivative of cubism a kind of abstraction that was explored in her painting and sculpture at least ten years earlier , that she described as the work of a "Parisian decorator" obsessed with the use of precious materials, rather than by the formal aspect of art.

She denounced as a consequence, the "horrors of Art Deco" …. In her post-Rietveld period, Gray photographed virtually all her design work.

Oeuvre - Wikipedia

However, her photographs were not simple souvenirs of her creation: they were necessary careful constructivist compositions, sometimes made of everyday objects, that Peter Adam called tablescapes. Communication is essential for any organization wishing to make its news known to the greatest number and promote its activity. It is a very good way to radiate and to make oneself known.

Communicating and informing future visitors is even more important for cultural organizations such as museums that are attracting more and more people nationally and internationally. Museums have a real challenge of transmitting knowledge and are real vectors of emotions by opening their doors to the greatest number.

They allow making known or rediscovering mythical works of our history, whether they are paintings, sculptures or still photographs. The fame of France is well established when we talk about exhibitions organized in honor of French or foreign artists. The influence and emotions they have transmitted through their works are indelible.