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Sadly, the software does not do, what it should, at least not for me, which might be a statement about myself more than about the software :D I keep constructing and drawing items into my maps but some of them keep disappearing. I add a deck plating. I edit bordering bulkheads. I add a passageway and bang, the deckplating is gone. I then try to shift layers and move the up and down in the sheets and effects menu.

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To no avail. Some layers aren't even there in that menu.

That layers is not in that menu. It also is very "uncommon" for graphic programs, to put the layer that is displayed on top of the other layers, right down on the bottom of the list.

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All in all, the software makes me curse a lot and produce too little. I invest time without getting nice results and am getting a bit pissed off. As I said, this could totally be me being obnoxious, so take this as a report of what happened, not as a criticism of the software.

To me it is just very unintuitive and even the tutorials did not work the way they were shown. Or maybe there is a problem with my installation? I am working on an Alienware 17 laptop with Win Maybe you can give me a lead, what I can do. I invested time and money and want to get results, instead I get anger.