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Even when one has the list of payables and obligations to liquidate the monthly charges, a means of properly handling the money is required to be able to maintain a stable and consistent budgeting.

How to Manage Money In Your 20s – 59 Personal Finance Experts Give Their Advice

Probably the hardest thing to do is to stop when it is needed, especially in terms of having more than what could be paid off. We should be able to know what things are plausible and valid to be supported by our own means of productivity. When we get more than what we could support, chances are that we end up giving them up, or worse, wrongly choosing what things to retain and what things to let go.

3 Rules For Being An Independent Bitch

The idea of knowing the needs and wants also fit in this description as we should be able to determine first what things we need than want. This prevents us from being biased in our judgment in acquiring. More often than not, the things that we want are more appealing and are a greater risk of snagging us in a trap of financial burden and chaos in the long run.


Taking time to stop and think first and then evaluating what to prioritize first is essential to a progressive and stable money management. Even if we have already determined what to prioritize, we still have to further evaluate for alternatives and not actually spend on the first offer that comes our way. When we are impulsive, there is a very high chance that we risk our money into spending for something that we could have gotten away with at much of a lesser price.

Risking the resources we have for a productive cause and viable profit earner is a healthy practice to take by an individual. Though this may mean a loss of capital in the form of personal money, not investing and instead just putting it in your personal safety vault or the bank will stagnate your extra resources.

It does not have to be followed as rigidly as it should be, but just enough to become a basis of many activities and choices by the individual. Knowing where to go and what to do lessens the chances of getting stuck up in a crossroad of future choices. SO excited you enjoyed the interview, Marcy! And thanks for your saying…you are right.

Money is just a form of energy.

What You Are About To Learn Is Going To Blow You Away…

Ahhh, such insightful stuff, thanks, Marcy! Lisa thank-you, thank-you for addressing this important topic and for the interview.

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This is something that as I approach 40 I think about all the time and engage in in conversation with my female friends. I have noticed how in my own life personally a lot of energy has gone into health, fitness, spiritual growth and other things related but money was the last to show up on that list as a priority.

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  6. Why is this? I think the conversation about money esp. Great interview, thanks again! So happy you liked the interview, dear, Connie!

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    I am with you…money, finances can be so male-oriented. As women, we are also good at money, we understand the give and take, the flow of that energy. Great insights, Connie! Your email address will not be published. Denise chats with us about… the health-money- abundance connection; creative budgeting tips so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank; and her top strategies on getting grips on your money so you can make space for a healthy life.

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