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The father of a star high-school athlete confronts New York City’s patterns of violence.

Stay strong. Those people—I just promise them that I will read their letters and respond. Ridgeway will turn eighty this year. Lately, his eyesight has been weakening, making it much harder for him to read and file all the letters that sit in piles atop his desk. But he has no plans to stop. In a article in CounterPunch , he explained: There are so many letters now that I cannot possibly reply to most of them, even with a couple of volunteers to help.

Recommended Stories. Sign in. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day. Privacy Policy. A better, more cynical writer than Salinger easily could write a book about a troubled yet appealing teenager, but its artifice and insincerity would be self-evident and readers would reject it as false.

In other words, it's impossible for a good author to write a book about "troubled yet appealing" kids. Salinger can't win for losing. Because he's such a clumsy writer, the book works on its own terms, Yardley seems to imply. The difference: I think this is one of America's great books, and I think Salinger is one of America's great authors. Is it manipulative? Yeah, it is. All literature manipulates; that's what literature does. I'd argue that the very fact that this book means so much to so many people is proof inasmuch as these things can be proved of its worth. Here's to sentiment, rebellion, and not being ashamed of being young and troubled.

Using projected images, video footage, crisp sound effects, dazzling lighting and an acrobatic cast that flits around on wires, McBurney melds the three stories into a meditation on anxiety and loss amid the placid routines of life in urban Japan. Link from Largehearted Boy. LaBute has written a few acclaimed plays, and made some brilliant movies In the Company of Men, Your Friends and Neighbors, and the underappreciated Nurse Betty , but what the fuck was up with Possession?

Alex's required reading is seen almost as a household chore. Was this kind of reading akin to a 'good beating'? He got involved to help present "positive role models" and his comics include empowered women and peace between the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It is threatened, however, by the terrorist United Liberation Front and the Army of Zios, which the comic book describes as "still clinging to their extreme views, both wanting to solely control the City of All Faiths. Jalila gained her super powers when she was exposed to radiation from a nuclear blast at Dimondona -- a name that echoes Dimona, the site of Israel's nuclear weapons facility.

If you're still cursing the fact that you missed Book Expo in Chicago this year, there are now finally clips of some of the events online, including Jon Stewart's and Art Spiegelman's presentations. Mexican professor and poet Sergio Witz Rodriguez will be tried by the Supreme Court of Mexico for "insulting national symbols. Sergio Witz Rodriguez was one ticked-off poet. He thought nobody was solving Mexico's social and economic problems, least of all its politicians.

So he worked himself into a righteous, lyrical lather and wrote a line poem, saying, among other things, that he would like to use the Mexican flag as toilet paper. Chicagoans, save yourself five bucks and buy your tickets for the Dead Authors Party now. Scroll down to the October 23rd event. Come dressed as your favorite dead author or character to support the Chicago Guild Complex and a chance to win best dressed.

To reserve tickets, call Edward Wyatt at the Times reports that four of the nominated books have sold fewer than 1, copies. Naama Goldstein writes about Roth's historical reconstructions. Jimmy Breslin tries to sell the new Bill O'Reilly children's book. The extent to which vibrators and Thai sex shows are mentioned remains unclear.

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What did Bob Dylan ever do to deserve Christopher Ricks? No artist should be subjected to this much wanton affection: it's unseemly, like being hugged by a stranger who won't let go. In Dylan's Visions of Sin, Ricks gloms on to the guitar poet as if trying to dissolve the boundary where Dylan ends and he begins. Thanks to Chris at Intelligent Life for the link. And be sure to check out his October 6 post about the new Salman Rushdie novel, which I didn't even know was in the works.

Gaper's Block has an audio roundtable with some members of the Chicago comix scene. The choice of participants is not exactly prime considering the huge wealth of independent comics talent Chicago has, and the introduction takes up a good third of the piece, but it's worth a listen. Children's author Graham Taylor cleans like I do: disastrously. Link from Mobylives. Days before he was due to move house, he gathered a one-foot-high heap of yellowing papers in his arms and flung the sheets into the flames.

Life on the Outside: The Prison Odyssey of Elaine Bartlett Themes

But as he warmed his hands by the pyre and studied the words on the scattering sheets of paper, he realised with great alarm that he had accidentally burnt the original manuscripts for his best-selling thrillers, Shadowmancer and Wormwood, as well as the only updated draft of his unpublished work, Tersias The manuscript for Shadowmancer, which was a number one bestseller in Britain and the US, selling one million copies in the UK alone, was the "editing" draft on which the author had made amendments in his own hand.

Dozens of pirate copies of the new book by Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez are being sold in Bogota before the novel's release, publishers say. The rerelease of H. Bissinger's Friday Night Lights to coincide with the movie is drawing some attention. Perseus Books is hoping to sell a million copies by the year's end, and plans on doing this by releasing the book in three different formats : mass market paperbacks for airports, trade paperback with a movie tie-in cover for bookstores, and hardbacks for, uh, people who like to spend a lot of money on their books.

For those unfamiliar with the controversial memoir, it is to anal sex what The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women is to New Line has bought the rights to Jonathan Strange and Mr. When shelving Phoebe Gloeckner's A Child's Life at Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library, evidently attention was paid only to the fact that it was a comic book and its disturbing content was ignored.

An year-old was allowed to leave with the book, and, justifiably, people became upset. The mayor of the city called it a "how-to book for pedophiles," and the book has been removed. All it would take is to shelve the book in the adult area, and for librarians to treat it the same way they would, say, The Joy of Sex.

Link from Egonlabs. The novel is dead, says acclaimed writer Sir V. Naipaul, and his forthcoming book Magic Seeds will be his last. Use this announcement as a reason to check out his brilliant collection of essays, The Writer and the World. Can liberals learn to love Pat Buchanan? Just most of it.

To the list of writers supporting Kerry for president, add Jon Stewart. While saying that President Bush is a "decent" man, Stewart lampooned him for saying during a presidential debate that he couldn't name one of his mistakes. I don't know what to say. If there are any Bookslut readers in Winnipeg, you have to go and report back. Literary scholars announced Monday that they have unearthed a page handwritten manuscript of "The Camera-Phone," a short story believed to have been written in by French novelist Jules Verne, the man often considered to be the originator of modern science fiction.

It's the perfect gift for that Gojira-obsessed family member in your life. The United Nations is today to name Edinburgh the world's first city of literature, following the success of the ambitious campaign for the Scottish capital which was presented in Paris yesterday. The book was shepherded into print by his son, Christopher Rothko:. But it wasn't a ghost, because he was in my hands in some strange way. When the National Book Award nominees are discussed, you're bound to hear a lot of the same things said when the Booker longlist was announced.

But suffice to say that the nominees were shocking, and books I would have considered shoo-ins are nowhere to be seen. In their place are writers I have never heard of. Maybe I should be embarrassed about that, or pretend that I have, but let's just get this over with before I get too pissy. Thirty-five years after his death, the fight over Jack Kerouac's estate continues.

When the legal fight began in , much was at stake.

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Those who idolize the author are willing to pay big money for any piece of memorabilia. In related news, an umbrella once owned by Lawrence Ferlinghetti just sold for 75 cents at a Salem, Oregon, thrift store. It's odd that it's difficult to find the olfactory in American literature when all the other senses seem to be flourishing on the page. OK, I tried. I really tried to understand Vendela Vida's piece about American literature and the sense of smell. But seriously, what the fuck? Or perhaps not. There are five senses, right? Unless you're the creepy kid who sees dead people in that Bruce Willis movie?

So saying that any one is "perhaps the most powerful" is really a pretty meaningless sentiment. I've been lucky enough so far not to be vision- or hearing-impaired, but I imagine it's a bit tougher to get around without those senses than it is with bum olfactory glands. Then again, I'm a smoker, so my sense of smell is below average anyway. Which comes in handy whenever I have to go to Houston.

As I mentioned, I started this quest for smell a few months ago. It's there.

A Phenomenological Ethnography of the Passages Academy School Program

Is Vendela Vida really so bored that she'd embark on a months-long "quest for smell"? I mean, how does one finance such a quest? With a MacArthur genius grant? The leisure class is different from you and I. OK, I'm done, except to mention that my office currently smells like burnt popcorn. Someone should write a fucking Slate article about that. In her speech on the festival's State of the Nation theme, writer Beatrix Campbell asked: "What has feminism achieved for women over the last quarter of a century?

Edinburgh wants to be the world's first World City of Literature, and the Scots have published a "dossier" to prove that they're deserving. Makes sense to me. If they get the title and Heart of Midlothian wins the Scottish cup, they will never stop drinking in the Athens of the North. I think that talking about books has absolutely disappeared. I remember back in the '50s and '60s among my friends that if you were in a group of people and if someone brought up a book, you could be sure that maybe half the people had read it.

Now, I find that no one ever does that. Movies, people can talk about endlessly. And they can bank on the fact that people have seen the movie. Although that might change just a little with Roth's book. Everyone I know is either reading it, wanting to read it, or waiting to be convinced it's as good as people are saying. It is. I'm sending copies out to family and friends and lending my copy out. It's so refreshing to have the book-to-talk-about be a really good book, unlike, say, last year's The Fortress of Solitude.

Good, but just okay. But does anyone actually understand him? And speaking of Slate, they have launched a new feature called The Book Blitz, "a look at this fall's notable novels, as well as issues surrounding contemporary fiction. And then there's this baffling piece on odors in American literature , written by one Vendela Vida.

As part of Columbia Journalism Review 's analysis of the media's election coverage is this interview with Michael Kinsley, formerly of Slate.

English poetry lesson plan for b ed internship

The biggest problem is -- and I don't know what the solution is, so it's not a criticism, as much as it is a puzzle -- is that the conventions of objectivity make it very difficult to say that something is a lie. And they require balance, which is often just not justified by reality. The classic thing is the Swift Boats. If you follow what all the papers say, they inch close to saying what they really think by saying, "it's controversial," or "many have challenged it," euphemisms like that.

And then they always need to pair it with something else. This is why many people are saying this is the roughest campaign ever. Titles of Hardy Boys books in which the villain could have turned out to be George W. Who are America's novelists voting for? You might be surprised. Actually, you won't. Stanley Crouch's crazy review of The Plot Against America has already inspired two pages of letters to the editor.

Here's an exercise for him: Re-read "Huckleberry Finn" and write a critique blasting Twain for his blatant failure to address the greatest crime against humanity then being perpetrated -- the genocide of the Native Americans -- while concentrating his efforts on the "lesser sin" of slavery. Norman Sherry spent 30 years as Graham Greene's biographer, and when the third volume was released, the critics were not kind. Sherry talks to the Guardian about what took so long, his relationship to Greene, and why his unconventional biography inspired the reaction it received. Kingsley's fine profile makes me wish I had. In this profile at the Guardian, Pullman states, "You're not there to demonstrate how clever you are or your literary style. Children are only interested in what you're telling them. Graphic novels are being taught in high schools, and this alarms all kinds of people who don't really know what graphic novels are.

I don't have my copy yet due to the mail forwarding system, but the Washington Post is excited about the new issue of Atlantic Monthly. William Langewiesche, who is one of the few writers who can make me read the Atlantic the minute it arrives, is the author of "Welcome to the Green Zone" in the November issue. Chaos ensues. Link from the newly resurrected Mobylives. When we arrived, Heinz Hall security forces and a city cop were insisting that the French journalists in America for a multimedia project retracing de Tocqueville's travels had to turn over their videotape or erase their footage.

American Citizen Hitch put up a fight, arguing that this act of thuggish censorship was despicable and probably unconstitutional. It was futile, and the incident ended civilly and without bloodshed, as most fights do when the French are involved. The tape of Kissinger's nearly indecipherable mumblings was erased. Copyright be damned, but it's Entertainment Weekly's fault for not putting this on their website :. Yet there Mailer is, playing himself as a "cantankerous curmudgeon" his phrase on the Oct.

He calls and goes, 'I like the story, I think it's very cute. I like the Luke and Lorelai bit. In the episode, Mailer chooses Lorelai's Dragonfly Inn to give an interview to a journalist played by Stephen, natch. While this casting coup may not register with much of The WB's core audience, Sherman-Palladino thinks Mailer fits perfectly in the Gilmore universe. OK, I may be tipping my hand as a rock fan here, but I don't understand why this is even a debate. Of course Bob Dylan is a poet; of course his work will endure.

Anyone who disagrees should immediately read the lyrics to "It's Alright, Ma I'm Only Bleeding " and "Desolation Row" and compare them to some of America's university-approved contemporary poets, whose work can range from shallow to obscurantist. Oxford Professor Christopher Ricks fights the good fight. His new book is Dylan's Visions of Sin. Oh, I almost forgot about "Foot of Pride. Who knew George W.

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Bush had a taste for Turkish literature? I'll leave that alone. But the Boston Globe has a long, exhaustive, and fascinating profile of Pamuk, author of the recently published Snow. Anne Rice expands on her Amazon. Rice said. I feel the same way about Hemingway. If I read it, I don't want to read a new edited version. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what's wrong with every bloated Rowling, King, and Rice book: they think they're above having editors. You can read the first chapter here. The Advocate profiles comic book artist Kody Chamberlin. How desperate does Salon have to be to publish this?

The other is this thesis:. His new novel moves along as though that bestial level of social bigotry was not a highly visible fact of American life at the time that "The Plot Against America" is imagined to have taken place, between and Really, Mr. Is that what the theme of the book is? That there is only room for one bigotry at a time?

You know what, you're right. Obviously Roth should have included racism against black Americans. Not to mention racism against Asians. I'm sure there were some gay men and women getting married and living a secret. He should have put some of them in there, too. And abortion was illegal! Women were dying from illegal, unsafe abortions. Throw in a couple of them. Let's make sure we chronicle every single injustice in our books. Salon, seriously. After the Jane Austen Doe, your continued insistence on allowing Charles Taylor to review things while you let Cintra Wilson go, your killing of interesting series just as they were getting started, this is hardly the way to rebuild your Books section.

Remember Maria Alquilar? We posted about her last Wednesday:.

The artist who misspelled the names of famous people in world history on a large ceramic mosaic outside Livermore's new library can spell one word with ease: N-O. That's Maria Alquilar's new position on fixing the typos.

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According to the AP, the misspellings included leaving out an "N" in "Einstein" and putting an extra "A" in "Michelangelo. In addition to enjoying the physical act itself -- which she finds "unwinds" the lower bowels -- the atheist Bentley insists that she found a spiritual ecstasy in buggery. She has been to the mountain and seen God; and apparently, He likes it from behind.

Despite her mad love for A-Man -- evidenced in no small part by the fact that she keeps the condoms-and-K-Y detritus of their unions and a baggy-full of his pubic hair in a little memory box -- Bentley staunchly resists a traditional commitment to him. The lovers do not meet outside the bedroom: no monogamy, no dating, no shared friends, no movies or meals. In fact, the only food they consume together is the occasional restorative snack between back-door intrusions. By the end of the book, A-Man is history, and leveled Bentley is left to sort out her altered body, desires and devotions.

Some books you just can't believe exist. The Surrender is high on that list. Postmodern Barney hates Manga fans. It's a peculiar form of Japanaphilia, less creepy than the anglo-American men who obsess over J-Pop singers, but annoying nonetheless. It's the people who complained incessantly about manga not being presented in the "authentic" format when most publishers were still flipping and touching up artwork to present it in a left-to-right format.

The fact that English is read left-to-right and presenting manga in that format might make it easier for people to read it was irrelevant. Now that most manga is presented in the original right-to-left format, their major concern is that the translations aren't sufficiently "faithful. The new issue of Bookforum is now online. World-renowned thinker Jacques Derrida, a charismatic philosopher who founded the school known as deconstructionism, has died, the French president's office said Saturday.

He was The Education Department this summer destroyed more than , copies of a booklet designed for parents to help their children learn history after the office of Vice President Dick Cheney's wife complained that it mentioned the National Standards for History, which she has long opposed. In June, during a routine update, the Education Department began distributing a new edition of a year-old how-to guide called "Helping Your Child Learn History. The booklet included several brief references to the National Standards for History, which were developed at UCLA in the mids with federal support.

Created by scholars and educators to help school officials design better history courses, they are voluntary benchmarks, not mandatory requirements. There's a Zen koan for you. Go Astros. Sorry about the Cubs, Jessa. Sarah Hall, author of The Electric Michaelangelo and the only woman on the Booker shortlist, is interviewed at the Guardian. Second October 7th post. As Assistant Professor of Art at the esteemed University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, I hereby welcome suggestions and donations as I begin the job of building a comics library. This library will be a part of the permanent collection at the University.

Nominees for the Canadian Giller Prize :. Hey, anyone want to give me several hundred thousand dollars and a ticket to Australia? The Age reports on the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers' congress and book fair, held this year in Melbourne. If any of our readers are there, feel free to bring me back a souvenir. I'd feel bad.

How can an article about "a forgotten writer from Minnesota who never really did that much" be so interesting? Perhaps because it's in the City Pages, America's best alternative newsweekly. Why is sloth a mortal sin? Salon has unveiled a new series "of interviews with authors who, while admired by their peers, haven't quite found the audience they deserve.

Remember their series of columns about comics? That had one, two entries. Remember their series on small press books? That monthly column hasn't been seen since the first week of August. I'm going to put my money on "three installments. For many, Southern rock conjures up images of beer drinking, hell-raising and flapping Confederate flags.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. When the Blankets parade started with its release, I bought the book, read about thirty pages, thought "Oh, that's nice," and then put it on my shelf and forgot about it. When I was sick much later, however, I grabbed a large stack of comics and forced myself to read Blankets. People love it! They say it's great! Gotta love it, too! But I didn't. The artwork, which looked lovely on first glance, became annoying as each emotion created the exact same facial expressions. Focus on what you have accomplished; not what you plan to do.

Suggested Visual Projects: Note: All visual projects must be approved by the instructor before you begin. Connect early childhood discipline to adult corrections. Recommended Readings: Alfie Kohn. Beyond Discipline: From Compliance to Community. Alfie Kohn. Unconditional Parenting. Topic: Introduction Preparatory Readings: Hassine. Cooperative Learning Preface W. What is the relationship between grades and a letter of recommendation? Which one is the most important? What is punishment? What are some of the similarities and differences between these two books?

Are things getting better or worse? What did you like the best about this course? What ideas and suggestions do you have to improve this course? Constructive criticism only. What are the arguments for and against the death penalty? Which side do you take? Related to capital punishment, read these books: Franklin Zimring. The Contradictions of American Capital Punishment. Vincent Henry. Daniel Glaser. Alternatives to Imprisonment. Check out the latest research and grant funding programs at the DOJ website.

Other books related to juvenile corrections: Anthony Platt. Barry Krisberg. Juvenile Justice. Meda Chesney-Lind. James Finckenauer. Scared Straight: The Panacea Phenomenon. Malcolm Klein. The American Street Gang. In the Belly of the Beast. Leonard Peltier. Prison Writings. Jarvis Jay Masters.

Finding Freedom: Writings from Death Row. Mumia Abu-Jamal. Live from Death Row. Thirteenth Round.