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Vanquish The Evil Which Cursed Rhyfell

It is unsure if Mr. Haller actually read the book or if this is another memory trick from the Shadow King. Over time the psychological damage from having the Shadow King manipulate his memories took its toll on David's mental health. He became violent punching a peer at prom, he committed petty crimes, and was often publicly intoxicated. Around this time, David's mutant abilities also began to grow in power, shattering the windows of a police vehicle during one such incident.

Sometime after this, he is diagnosed with schizophrenia. The diagnosis of schizophrenia was the most logical for David, not knowing about his mutant heritage. He often heard voices people's thoughts and saw things that weren't there visions caused by Farouk. A psychiatrists prescribed David medicine which would help with schizophrenic symptoms and inadvertently dampened his abilities.

Although David believed he could move things with his mind something that he could achieve he wrote this off as a delusion and a symptom of schizophrenia thus he never explored his powers.

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Henry Poole was David's therapist who would regularly see him. Although David would occasionally stop seeing Dr.

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Poole and stop his medication which led to a relapse in his behavior. Over the years, Henry slowly gained David's trust.

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David even told him what the stars said. During this time David graduated high school and attended college for some time before being expelled. After college he had a rough time but attempted to push through with the help of his girlfriend, Philly and his friend Benny. Philly, David, and Dr.

Poole would eat dinner together. Philly believed that she could fix David but they would often fight a lot which made life harder. Unlike Philly, Benny encouraged the more violent side of David. Benny was a pusher and often committed petty thefts in order to buy a new drug called Vapor. Benny encourages David to rob his therapist for drugs. David agrees to go through with it, attending more therapy session than usual about a week before the robbery.

In one of these sessions David starts to tell Dr. Poole about the stars before the closet creeks open causing David to say "I'm not supposed to talk about that. Poole reassures David that there is nothing to be afraid of and closes the closet. David relaxes and tells Dr. Poole what the stars say. The following day Philly walked in on Benny and David using which led to David and her having a fight.

Telling her that he didn't want to talk about it, David took refuge in the kitchen when his powers acted up causing the cabinets to explode and utensils to fly everywhere. Amahl also appeared at this time in the form of the Demon with the Yellow Eyes which only scared David more. Philly then returned to find David surrounded by kitchen objects and terrified. Scared as well, Philly ended their relationship. Later David attempts to hang himself with an extension cord, but when the police arrive all they could find were rope burns on his neck.

This incident causes him to become institutionalized. Six years later, David and Lenny met a new patient at Clockworks, a woman their age named Sydney Barrett. David immediately developed an attraction to Syd, and they began dating. Mysteriously, Syd refused to allow anyone to touch her in any way, not even her new boyfriend.

Kissinger later stated that Syd had recovered, and she would be returned to her family. Impulsively, David kissed her good-bye, and he suddenly discovered why Syd had been so obstinate about being touched - Syd was a mutant, a human with uncanny abilities. In her case, she could switch bodies with other people through physical contact. Kissinger brought David in Syd's body to a nurse's office and treated him while Sydney in David's body was being held down by nurses.

Sydney then lost control of David's powers causing the whole building to shake. After telling David to stay put, which he did not do, David and Kissinger returned to the Day Room to find all the patients were inexplicably trapped in their rooms. Kissinger then released David still in Syd's body from Clockworks, believing that Sydney would not get another chance to be released after the chaos died down. As Syd, he was escorted from Clockworks. Just before leaving, he spotted two cars. The passengers of one car included a mysterious older woman, Melanie Bird , while the other car carried a younger man, Ptonomy , and woman, Kerry , about David's age.

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He went into the city and stopped at an outdoor cafe. Two hours later, David's body own returned to him. He then went to his sister, Amy's, house. She agreed to let him stay for a few days with Ben , her husband, and her. Amy showed him to the spare bedroom in the basement. While unpacking David hallucinated Lenny in actuality Amahl disguised as Lenny who began a light-hearted conversation with him which quickly becomes melancholic as he remembers she's dead.

Lenny tells David that it's his fault she's dead. Amy comes downstairs after hearing the noise and sees David picking up the pieces of the lamp, worried about her brother and her own safety she removes the gardening tools from the basement. After taping the lamp back together David dreams about Sydney and the next morning becomes determined to find her.

David goes to a pay phone and calls Clockworks inquiring about Sydeny only to be told she is not a patient there and never was. Before he can find out more the man Ptonomy and woman Kerry from Clockworks appear and begin to follow him. David is able to lose them in a busy plaza but right after is abducted by Walter and Division 3.

David then wakes up in a room where two men, Clark and Walter, sit across from him. They lie and tell David that they're with the police and want to get his statement about what occurred at Clockworks. David re-accounts his story but becomes upset when he thinks Clark doesn't believe him about certain aspects such as the body swapping causing his powers to start shaking the pen that Clark was using to take notes. Clark calms him down and they hook David up to some machines to run tests while he continues.

David then incorrectly re-accounts that it was Clark and not Melanie who was in the car outside of Clockworks. Clark tells him that this is not the case which upsets David and he sends the pen flying into Clark's face before destroying the table and sending equipment and people across the room knocking them unconscious. To prevent David from escaping Division 3 fills the room with a gas that knocks David out. When David awoke, he was tied to a chair and power cables in the middle of a swimming pool. Clark demanded to know where Syd was.

Stating that they, Division 3, have him but want Sydney too. David continues reluctantly continues telling his tale and is met by Syd who was able to project herself into his memories. She confirmed David's suspicions -- these men were not cops at all, but members of Division Three, a secret government agency that targeted mutants, and Syd intended to rescue him.

She tells him to slowly slide out of his chair and into the water when he sees the lights. Once he was back in the moment, David looks around the room as he begins to see dancing lights appear in the air. Clark becomes frustrated with David's inability to tell him where Sydney is to which David replies that they're about to find out. Quickly sliding into the water, bullets are shot into the pool and Clark finds the switch to the power cables no longer in his hand right before the entire room explodes in flame.

Dodging burnt corpses, David swims to the other end of the pool where Syd pulled him out and introduced him to two of her allies, the passengers of the second car at Clockworks - Ptonomy Wallace and Kerry Loudermilk. The four mutants escaped the facility with the aid of Rudy and are greeted by Dr. Melanie Bird who is the leader of a secret mutant refuge, called " Summerland ". When David arrives at Summerland he collapses into Cary Loudermilk's arms. The high concentration of powerful mutants in one place was making David sick and confining him to a be while hundreds of voices yelled and spoke in his head.

Melanie sat next to him explaining that David's "symptoms" of schizophrenia were actually his mutant powers, specifically telepathy. She taught David how to use his telepathy allowing him to finally gain some peace from the voices. The next day Melanie brought him to see Ptonomy to begin memory work. Ptonomy is a memory artist which allows him and whoever he chooses to go back through a person's memories. Using this ability Melanie, David and Ptonomy are able to look back through David's life and see that every instance of mental illness was just his powers and also gain a better understanding of what triggers them.

Ptonomy takes David back to his childhood. They explore his memories of planting with his mother and star gazing with his father. David reveals that Mr. Haller died the year before and Clockworks wouldn't release him to attend the funeral. However things begin to go south as they observe Mr. Haller reading young David a bedtime story. David is unable to see Mr. Haller's face and instead listens to the horrify bedtime story called The World's Angriest Boy in the World , a picture book about a boy who beheads his mother for trying to send him to bed. The room begins to shake and David panics waking up from the memory in a hysterical state.

To calm him, Ptonomy puts him to sleep. David then wakes up in another room of Summerland with Ptonomy sitting nearby. Ptonomy comforts him by saying the first time was always the hardest and offering him some milk. Ptonomy then says that he needs to do talk work with Melanie to figure out what it all means and that Melanie thinks David is the key to winning the war. Ptonomy also presses for more information about The World's Angriest Boy in the World but David is reluctant to talk about it and the subject drops. David then confides in Syd that he doesn't believe the memory work is helping.

Syd tells him it will and to give it time. She then confides in him about what it was like in his body and apologizes for killing Lenny. David expresses his desire to have physical contact with her however Sydney says that the closer she gets to someone the more uncomfortable it is. David accepts this.

Melanie, Ptonomy, and David continue with the memory work. They watch a memory of David attending a session with Dr. Poole where David re-accounts why Philly finally ended their relationship while leaving out key details. During the conversation there is a glitch. Next they look at a memory of Lenny who should have been Benny but David's memory was altered so all instances of Benny were replaced with Lenny and David selling a kitchen range to the Greek for drugs.

They then get high in his apartment and when David looks over at Lenny he instead sees the Devil with the Yellow Eyes. Ptonomy pauses the memory and Melanie asks David about what he sees.

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David is reluctant to say excusing it as what you see when you're high or a symptom of schizophrenia, however, Melanie refuses to believe this. Ptonomy changes the subject to the glitch in the previous memory and asks David what occurred there. Melanie tells him it's important that he remembers and shows them everything. David protests that he's trying to remember everything and not inhibiting his therapy.

He even suggests that he was distracted but Ptonomy retorts that even if David was distracted the surrounding memory would have been intact. Melanie reassures David that they'll find the truth together before having Ptonomy fix the glitch. In the completed scene the trio to sees a brief image of David in a kitchen with millions of objects floating around him.

Ptonomy asks David if he saw the image but David says he didn't see anything.

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  4. Ptonomy asks David to concentrate and try but David only apologizes and says he doesn't know. Melanie reassures David and Ptonomy asks him to make his mind blank in order to get them to the memory.

    David Haller

    However Ptonomy isn't able to bring the group to the kitchen scene but back to David's childhood bedroom. Ptonomy is unsure of why this happened and tries to bring the group back to the kichen but is unable to change the memory. Ptonomy, becoming increasingly frustrated, says David's too strong. David continues to say it isn't him and Melanie replies by saying that he needs to trust them.

    The door then slams as the room begins the shake violently causing The World's Angriest Boy in the World book to fall off the shelf and David to become terrified again. Later Sydney and David talk. Sydney says Melanie wouldn't tell her what happened during memory work and David brushes it off as kid stuff. Syd expresses her concern that David isn't happy at Summerland but David reassures her it is as long as they're safe.

    He then reads Syd's thoughts that she'd protect him if they weren't. Later, in an attempt to discover where David's memories are stored Cary Loudermilk places him into an MRI machine, while at the same time conversing with Kerry, who David was not aware of at the time. Before starting, Cary stated that David had an extremely large amygdala, and that he should think about someone he loves. During the scan David hears a woman calling his name but Cary and Kerry say that no one was calling his name. David realizes it's his sister he can hear and it isn't a memory. David then watches as Amy attempts to ask a Clockwork employee for her brother however the employee replies that David Haller was never a patient there nor was Dr.

    Kissinger a doctor at Clockworks. David sees Walter and Division 3 coming up behind his sister and calls out to her right before she's taken. Back in the lab during this experience, David's brain lights up due to neural activity. Cary asks what happened as he had never seen anything like this before. David tells him he heard his sister and Cary tells David not to move and exits the room in a hurry. As his fear builds to a climax he is suddenly laying on the floor of the lab the MRI machine nowhere in sight.

    Before the game there will be several hours of intense preparation, which will help you get into the game; we will also provide a warm place to sleep each night, costumes, weapons, and food. The first three runs of Legion have passed and we would like to thank all our participants and all the help that made it possible. If you'd like to see what it looked like, go to Mementos. In this diary I tried to describe what controlled me most during the whole time of this war; what influenced me; all according to the truth, as I saw and understood it.

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