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Dehydration is a common cause of low blood pressure. Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols and may help you lower your blood pressure. One of the best ways to fight dehydration is water; so, do not forget to load up on enough water for the day. Caffeine helps: Caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee may help boost your blood pressure temporarily.

When your blood pressure dips suddenly, a cup of coffee or tea can get your circulation going. It causes short, but dramatic increase in your blood pressure. Although nobody knows why this happens, but it is believed to help your improve your blood pressure.

Tulsi leaves have high levels of potassium, magnesium and vitamin c which can help in regulating your blood pressure. It is also loaded with an antioxidant called Eugenol which keeps the blood pressure under control and lowers cholesterol levels. Almond Milk: Soak 5 to 6 almonds overnight, peel them in the morning, make a paste and boil them into a drink. Drink this every day to prevent your blood pressure from falling. There is no cholesterol or saturated fat in almond milk.

In fact, it is rich in healthy fats like Omega-3 fatty acids. Or you can just add a fistful of soaked munakkas in your breakfast regimen. It increases vitality and blood and helps in better circulation, which further helps you lower blood pressure. This Indian raisin is exactly what you need to ensure a healthy blood pressure. Comments Bring these home remedies for low blood pressure to your rescue.

Also Read: 6 Home Remedies for Migraine. For the latest food news , health tips and recipes , like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and YouTube. Related Recipe. Related Articles:. My kids grew up with chicken and rice soup when ever they were sick, body or soul. Your soup looks beautiful and the recipe sounds delicious! I love Chicken and Rice! Total comfort food. Hi Maria! This awesome soup AND oreo brownies? Turkey Rice is another fav! Thanks for the reminder.

This looks so easy and comforting. Will definitely keep this recipe in mind! Your recipe looks great … perfect for all of our endless cold winter days here in Boston. I love the addition of the fresh thyme. I stumbled upon your blog earlier looking for this soup in particular. That is a good thing. We had a snow day well Ice day down here in TX and this soup was a huge hit for the gang! Thank you for a wonderful lunch recipe — full tummies are resting now. Tried this soup for the first time and it was awesome!

The fresh thyme really makes it amazing. I also put a couple dashes of dried basil in… super yummy! Thanks for posting! Made this soup today, thanks for the recipe! Super easy to follow and definitely just the soup we were trying to mimic. Definitely a keeper! Sitting at home in Scotland on a wet damp day, and full of the cold. I need some chicken and rice soup, just like my grannie used to make. Awesome soup. The doctor recommended chicken rice soup for an upset stomach. I googled for a rice and yours popped up. It worked like a charm. I tweaked it a little; adding Italian Seasoning instead of thyme.

This is a wonderful soup! We absolutely loved this recipe! So easy so you can make this on a soccer practice night…just perfect for a busy family. Thanks for your recipe! My husband has been feeling sick, and on the way home from church yesterday he asked me to make some chicken and rice soup to help him feel better.

He loved it and has been eating it for the past 2 days! Thanks so much! In fact it will be done in 8 minutes. Very good recipe. The only thing I did different was use the chicken broth I cooked the chicken in for the soup. I also added a fresh tomato from my garden. A little parmesan sprinkled on top—yum. I just made this. It was so simple to do. My broth was part Swanson Flavor Booster part regular broth.

I put my leftover chicken and rice in a bowl and then mixed it in with the soup inside the bowl. I think I will make this everytime I have leftover chicken and rice. I looked up a recipe for chicken and rice soup on google, and stumbled across this one. Thank you Google! This was my first attempt at chicken with rice soup, and it was a success.

This will be my go to for chicken with rice. Thanks for posting. I always make this the day after Thanksgiving w leftover turkey.

Easy Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe

Never thought of the thyme though, thanks! Oh and I use Jasmine rice for a lil twist in flavor;. Since finding this recipe a few weeks ago, I have made it 5 times. It is the best flavoured soup I have ever had, we love it! Thank you. I was sitting here what to make for dinner. Now I know. I am however going to use yellow rice and a pinch of hot curry powder — clear the head up a bit. Awesome soup!

Made a batch last week and am making another one today. Who new that homemade could be so simple and delicious! Thank you for this! My son ate every bite and he hates veggies. Flavor was superb!!!! Thank u. Just tried this recipe for my daughter and I who are both under the weather. Very easy and delicious! My fiance asked me to make him some chicken and rice soup. This recipe was just right and so delicious.

Thank you for posting such an easy-to-make recipe. This is a keeper. Hi, I just made this and it came out pretty yummy. The only thing is that I had to add about 6 more cups of water because the rice absorbed too much and it looked like all rice. Other than that, it turned out great. I am making this now. It smells wonderful already. I am sick and wanted some chicken rice soup like my mother used to make. This recipe seems similar, except for the garlic. This is my type of cooking.

I am old in years but a beginner to cooking. Just got a present of a first class cook book but….

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I am really looking forward to trying the chicken with rice soup. Thank you again.! I did not read all of the comments, so perhaps you have already answered this question. Thank you so much for this recipe! It looks really easy to follow and your explanations are perfect. You can make your own chicken broth. First time trying cook soup from a recipe. You two are made me feel great about my beginner level cooking skills. Delicious soup and my apartment smells amazing. I love chicken rice soup it is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good soup and best of all my wife loves it!

I did make my own broth but, other than that, followed the recipe exactly. Anyway, thanks for the recipe. I have cooked it three times so far and will continue to cook on a regular basis. I plan on making this for my family tonight and was wondering how many this recipe feeds? Hi guys I posted your recipe with my modifications on my blog. I made it a few weeks ago and there was no leftovers…my girls son is a very picky eater and he gobbled up 2 huge bowls! Just used my leftover turkey from Thanksgiving instead of chicken which made it super easy and just as tasty!

Just made this for lunch with leftover rotisserie chicken. The recipe was super easy to follow and quick to make!! Followed it to a t and it tasted awesome. Thank you for a yummy recipe! Although I used an additional cup of broth instead of the water. Love it!!!!! Highly recommend! I can tell were going to love it! Hello everyone, tried the rice soup. Excluded a few ingredients and it was great! I omitted the chicken and added potato, zucchini, and plum tomato small cubes. Also, I did not add the thyme because I did not have it, but I still included the bay leaf. It was great!

Thanks again. I love this chicken soup recipe. Use it all the time. Only thing I changed is to put brown rice in instead of white rice. You have to extend the cook time by 15 minutes but it tastes great. Love it! Quick question tho.. So u have any of the nutritional information… I use a fitness app where I have to put in my calorie intake and all that jazz..

The best recipe of chicken and rice soup. My husband and I love this recipe! I add sliced avocado to my bowl and stir it in and it makes the soup creamy without adding dairy, heavy creams and bad fat! This is my second time making this soup! Thank you so much for an easy rice soup recipe! To make this recipe even easier I buy a rotisserie chicken from the deli to use.

So I had to add more liquid and chicken seasoning. But it still turned out great! Everyone in my family loved it. Especially my mom whose picky about soups! It freezes beautifully as well. I just add a little more chicken broth when reheating it. Thanks so much.

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Definitely one for the recipe box! This soup is amazing!!! My granny from Scotland used to cook it but never had a recipe and could never remember to write down she just did it automatically, she passed ages ago So I researched it and tried a few out and this is well and truly the best variation that I could find.

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Mmm sooo good, a definite favourite!! This looks so amazing! I just love soup!! I make mine the same way except I also add in 1 can of mushroom soup and 1 can of celery soup. The consistacy is still soup but just adds a party to your mouth even more I promise. The can soups will not thicken the soup just more flavoring to the flavoring already there. This recipe is definitely a favorite.

I make my own chicken stock and add kale…absolutely delicious, thanks for sharing! I got a hint about cooking chicken for soups from a friend. Buy chicken tenderloins when they are on sale. Season them and then put them in the crockpot covered with chicken broth and cook on high for about 2 hours or until no longer pink. Cut into small pieces, wrap and freeze in individual packages.

I just did it this way and have enough to make 4 pans of chicken soup, so that when I am ready, voila I will just pull a package from my freezer to thaw and they will be ready to go. I have a question regarding the rice. Should I pre cook the rice before adding it in the soup like I would do the chicken?

Or should it be still be hard when I add it to the other ingredients? Very well liked by the meat eaters in our family for Soup Monday. I followed the recipe, other than not cooking the chicken for an additional thirty minutes after it was cooked. More like ten minutes to warm it up, and that was enough. Thanks for a good recipe! This is, hands down, the best recipe I have found on Pinterest! He is always on a diet and this soup is great for anyone watching their weight!

I have been making this for over a year now and will continue to make for years to come. And by the way, it still looks delicious in the old one. This sounds like the perfect recipe. I just made the soup last night. My family is all struggling with colds and this soup hit the spot. Even my picky 17 year old loved it! Otherwise this recipe is fine for a quick, simple, fairly bland soup perfect for sickbed supping.

I love chicken and rice soup. I am glad I found your recipe because I had evrythng the recipe called for, for once. It was flavorful and quite tasty. I cooked two packages of chicken thighs in boiling water then put them in the blended on low pulse which shreds them perfectly. Followed the recipe to a T and it turned out perfectly. Delicious recipe!! I made this yesterday and it was awesome. No changes. So I made this exactly the way it said.

It was so bland. I added more thyme and a bunch of garlic salt and one more clove of minced garlic also mushrooms. It came out wonderful. Made this tonight and it was delicious. Had to cut back on the amount of chicken stock for our needs, but still good! Very good. Brought it to a function and it was all gone. This soup was so easy yet hearty and full of flavor. Will make again and again. I made this recipe tonight, but I tweaked it slightly.

At 30min I put the cup of rice. When it was done, I fished the chicken out and discarded the bones, cartilage and skin. I think the old picture looks better, certainly how I remember chicken and rice soup looking when I was a youngster! Highly recommend this. Never thought of putting in thyme. Nice share! This was super simple to put together and well worth it. Its a keeper!

So freakin good…. So I made this last week with brown wild rice and it turned out so amazing… I made it again today and used the long grain white rice and I inadvertantly turned it into a rice dish. I will make it again, but with the brown wild rice. This soup is sooo easy and soooo good! But other than that, I follow the recipe to a T. Comes out great every time. I have a sickly adult granddaughter with the flu and this looks just perfect to make for her.

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will be making it for dinner tonight. So, I was certainly overdue. Let me tell you, this recipe comes together in 30min! Very delicious! Please do make this! We made this soup out of leftover turkey meat. Added a couple of extra carrots simply because we like them. Followed the recipe to a tee and it is wonderful. Will make again real soon. Thanks for sharing! This is great. I love a warm comforting soup recipe. And it gave me a great idea for lunches! How perfect to bring to work with me. I feel you on the photos. I mean, totally awful. My boyfriend was sick so I made him a batch of this soup — it was so good I made a second batch the same week for myself! Very delish! Used dried thyme because I did not have fresh.

Very good soup, served corn muffins with it! Wonderful to eat while I watched the snow fall. This is so easy to make and so delicious, my husband loves it.

This is an excellent soup! I made it for my son who had the flu and prefers rice over noodles. My son wants the recipe…. This was simple and delicious and I had all the ingredients on hand. So good and easy!!! Wonderful recipe, everyone loved it! I made this and it was as delicious! The fresh thyme I believe was key to the flavour! Will make again! Love all your recipes:. Should the recipe have said to cover the soup while it simmered? Otherwise, the flavor was good. I made this soup and it was delicious. It was delightful. The soup was so watery and not much flavor.