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June 2, at am. Melle says:. June 13, at am. Sergio says:. June 1, at am.

June 20, at am. June 23, at am. July 15, at am. Tom Arbuthnot says:. June 30, at am. David says:. February 16, at pm.

How to fix the Skype issues brought by the latest update

February 26, at am. Ehab ElShafei says:. March 3, at pm. August 24, at am. Duane says:. March 10, at pm. April 10, at am. May 23, at am. Leonardo says:. May 19, at am. Sander Hickerson says:. Bob says:. August 2, at pm. Daniel says:. August 31, at pm. September 22, at am. Don L says:. November 20, at pm. Rhys Goodwin says:. Michael, This comment from Skype customer service seems to imply that the act of answering the call can transfer a virus to your computer.

Thank you for the response.

How to Use Skype

In our case the call was answered, briefly, on a Windows PC. After that it was blocked and reported. No threats found. It said my computer was infected and to go to sobss. First of all it was self-evident this was fake as it announced itself as a System Alert and told me to go to a website SOS something. The other clue was the telephone ringing sound did not stop. Most calls end after about 10 rings or so. This is an automated computer system alert. Your Computer protection service is not active. I received 2 Skype calls at and am. I answered the first one in my groggy sleep state without really looking at my phone.

Goggled and came here, wow, is anything safe. Anything else we should do? Great site thanks for the info! It is evident that the site has not been taken down, and is still up and running. I hope that my answering the call did not have any effects on my laptop.

Skype needs to do something about this problem immediately. Because I was not expecting a call and did not recognize the name I immediately blocked the caller and decided to do a google search which brought me here. I am pretty computer savvy and was shocked to find out I had not changed the settings in skype. Thank you so much for the details. Hopefully whoever is behind this gets kicked off soon! It told me to visit sos[dot]kos[dot]com. It seems that they started again around the 20th of august….

I just got the same call today at Australian time, and i blocked the contact after reading this site. They told me to go to the sobl website. I was not at my computer when any of the calls came through, so they showed up as missed calls. I have blocked and reported both users. Each time I block and report, but I guess they just switch user names.

Today I got two calls from qa1. I received TWO calls today. Skype name is b4. To activate computer protection and repair your computer. Go to www, dot, s, ohh S W. Hi there. Username was y2. I recognized it as being probably a scam of some kind and declined the call both times.

First of all, thanks to Regina for this security post. This is really helping a lot of users out there that are experiencing this criminal activity! This will also be helpful for us in the security community so that we can block the sites accordingly. As you mentioned, the sites that are being reported are unsafe and should not be visited. I would love a followup of any new information you find for our readers on this scam. And any tips you could offer as well. These RogueAV or FakeAV criminals will stop at nothing but we as a community can help each other out by thwarting their nefarious efforts and nipping them in the bud!

If you have a list of the domains or URLs that were used or being used, please send them to me and we can try to dig deeper and find related domains that may or will be used by the scammers and proactively protect our users out there. Who are these guys!!! Did you by any chance get any URLs that they are asking you to go to? Please post it here if you have so that everyone can be aware and stay clear away from these sites and so that we can also have these blocked.

How do I confirm that i did not do such thing and is there a way i can print out all my contacts i used on vided chat and all my history of contacts. It is a virus waiting to crawl all over your computer. I received a call today September 5, from Online Update- System Alert which I answered before looking into it a bit more. I apologize for not having the username that sent it or the exact time, because when I went back to my history to look it up, it was not there, although all my earlier calls were.

The website it told me to visit was www[dot]soswps[dot]com. To activate the computer protection and repair your computer, please go to www[dot]soswhs[dot]com. Failure to do so might result in severe computer malfunction. Also had a connected text mssg alert via skype on iphone telling me I had a mssg from ca3online. Ignored and deleted all. I just got a Skype call like this directing me to soshgo[dot]com. I knew it was a scam and changed my Skype preferences to only receive calls from contacts instead of everyone.

I thought you would like to know that this is still happening. I assume scams. Would you ever receive any real calls from Skype regarding security alerts? I went to the website but it looked suspicious and closed it immediately. My computer is still fine luckily. Picked up the first call and found it weird, just ignoring it but it called the second time 5 minutes later. I blocked it after the second call. I have now received at least 3 of these calls — I never answered any of them as I usually receive e-mails if Skype has any reason to contact me.

Their privacy settings do not allow me to call them back. Only reason I picked up is because I recently filled out a tech request at a known pc help site and thought it may be them. Can anyone tell me what this is. I do have a screen capture of this call taking place if you need to see it let me know and I can email it. Skype name was usa dot c5 dot notification dot online dot alert Received at AM Tues. Central time. I answered initially because I was half asleep and was expecting my wife to call but never went to the website. Thank you for posting this. I just got spammed on my new Skype account from Skype user name: U.

I thought it was fishy, so I looked it up and found this, then changed my settings. Thanks for posting! I declined the call because it seemed fishy. It happened after I visited Squidoo looking at some weird website about a bed fan. Thursday September 22, us[dot]kb3[dot]online September 2, aa5[dot]online[dot]systems[dot]update June 22, atoo[dot]online[dot]protection June 21, ao8[dot]system[dot]protection.

Today, September 27 I was called twice by g2[dot]america[dot]online[dot]systems[dot] and it told me to go to www[dot]soswf[dot]com. Have a great weekend! User name: xb3[dot]system[dot]online[dot]notice at about pm maybe? And then again at pm. I answered the first time. There was no audible audio. Second time after reading this whole page, I just declined the call and blocked the contact.

Answered once, and it told me to go to www[dot]sowws[dot]com and input a code B would be the one that I got. We should all be bombarding Skype with this problem. I did. Maybe if Skype gets enough hate mail about this scam they might react? However this is still terrorism. I kept mine secure I thought, but just changed it. I got a call from da1[dot]system[dot]alert[dot]warning[dot]win[dot]mac. I also got a call at about 7 this morning from another one, it kinda freaked me out a little.

I declined the call, and ended up looking at my recent calls and noticed i had 4 missed calls from 4 different scams. I nearly fell out of my bed as it woke up a house full of guests and I assumed something horrible had happened overseas. Caller ID was usc3[dot]notice[dot]warning. This is the second time this has happened. Last time ignored it, an i was fine. I might wanna mention this is on an iphone. I received two calls today. They gave me a computer ID and referred me to a different website. They wanted me to go to tomsg[dot]com Calls came from usg[dot]mds-c2[dot]alert.

I received one call today, pretty sure it was from usg[dot]dd-2[dot]system[dot]alert and was told to go to a site that was something like wwwDOTlossoDOTcom. Thanks to you I never went to the site! I got a call from usa[dot]system-notice[dot]d4.

Voices/Messages From Heaven

Declined then searched the name. Got this site, read it, and now here I am making a comment. I want to know what issues people faced after attending such calls. Whether any signs are noticed about the virus attack on system or our account being hacked? Pls reply. I did not respond the call ; , it calls 2 times, after the second time I looked on google and found your website ;. Then, the others are Notification Follow Instructions:usa. They keep calling me at like 3 am, and then called me this morning at like 6 am. I blocked all of the calls, and checked on google and found your site.

I had the same one Christy above mentions. I just declined the call and blocked the person without questioning. And confirmed that it was a scam with this site! Just thought I would give you the screen name and details. Blocked and sent here. Thank you for keeping us informed!! The recorded message repeatedly told me I needed to go to lsmsg[dot]com to update my protection. The Skype name for this caller is auto. Registrar: Internet. Thanks for posting the info. Are you watching it on a computer? You may have to research that one.

Since I received so many calls and any time I could not visit the link I started to be suspicious and ended up on this page. Also, any time they called me, they give me a different link. Now my question is, is my IPhone infected since I received the phone call there?

Also…I already changed my setting from anyone to only people in my contact list. Thanks for the great help and please let me know if you can if writing here is correct or helpful… Thanks for sharing. I am not sure of how safe your iPhone is. Be sure to check for a anti-virus app for your phone and keep it updated and running.

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I answered the first one, and when I heard the voice announcement, I hung up because this call was going thru my phone, not my computer and I thought it suspicious. I declined the other calls. Will I still be infected? They called back at , which I also ignored. I did not visit the site as it sounded suspicious. At the sound of the computer generated voice I immediately clicked off but not before it told me to go to a website and its not one that you guys have listed. I received a call today which I answered and was told that my system has viruses that had been detected internally and that I needed to go to www[dot]spmsg[dot]com.

I searched system alert scams instead and have just read about all of this. I have now updated my privacy settings to contact list only. In the process of looking up this info I was called again and hung up. My only question is, will I still receive new contact requests having done that? I received a phone call from Notification Urgent Online Update. It was a computer generated voice telling me to visit the website www[dot]rpmsg[dot]com to receive my update.

There was no username. The phone call lasted 1 min 13 secs, on November 25, I hope my computer was not infected just by answering the phone call, I did not visit the webpage!!! The phone call lasted 23 secs, on December 8, I hope my computer was not infected just by answering the phone call, I did go to the website but closed it as soon as I saw it was probably spam. Will I have a virus on my mac? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience and let me know if I am going to have a real issue on my hands. I had the exact same issue.

An automated voice recording told me to go to www[dot]msgrh[dot]com. I opened the page and thought something looked suspicious. I closed it as soon as I found this website. The call was made at 12 December pm China. It was strange, a few minutes after I closed their webpage, there was a second call from the same address. I visited their webpage, but closed it within seconds. Should I have any problems? This would be who I recieved a message from am central time.

I answered with my video off. Oddly said nothing, and typed nothing so I hung up and checked it out on google. Glad I could get some information, I was concerned, Thank you for your help. I blocked the user once and I guess they opened another account and called again. Blocked them yet again. I just got the same call computer protection is not activated, etc , was directed to HOMSG[dot]com, and went to it.

I did not open enything on this site but did look around it briefly before closing it. Is my computer at risk? If so, what shall I do? Got this Skype call today. I just received a call as described above. The user called me from Skype Name urgent. Please add the information so the word spreads. I receieved the call today and answered, but hung up before it continued. I never went to a website or anything. I restarted Skype, and it was fine until I clicked on a contact name. In the middle of the update, my computer freaked out.

The update to my system failed just before the restart. Also, I am currently doing a full scan on my computer using my Microsoft Security Essentials, which is currently the system protecting my computer. I would suggest restoring your PC to a point before you receive that call. That should clear out any damage that was done, and allow Windows to update itself again. I am a Mac user. I answered the call- Same msg as everyone else -and as soon as I tried clicking out it took ages to do so and kept comming back.

This back ground noise has only been there since I clicked on the call- Has anyone had this problem after clicking on the voice message Thanks Rhonda. Yes I do. It sounds like a phone is to close to your computer??? Not sure what to do about it. RhondaHi Sandy- I actually have sent my lappy back to Acer- to get fixed- I will post another msg wen the lappy comes back- With what they had to do, Lucky its under warranty —. Ok I got the lappy back from Acer the virus stuffed up the drivers they had to put everything back to factory setting, Lucky it was under warrenty- So dont answer anything if u dont know the person who is calling dont answer it-.

Got a system alert on skype call on my iPad 2. Is this legit? I block every time and get a new one calling. Different sounding ring on my iphone. Is this a SCAM??? Yes it is a scam. Skype does not call people to tell them their computer is infected.

The problem

I have had 3 calls telling me my computer security is not up to date. Each time they give me a new web address to visit. I have found they are all scams. The last one was today and told me to go to fixppc[dot]com.

I know better but for those of you who arent sure. Just a heads up. I got two calls tonight on my ipad2 from Online Help tm. I answered the call, same thing as the rest of you, robotic voice saying computer protection is not activated, telling me to go to ssrhelp[dot]. Before the page finished loading I closed the web page. Then I googled this and found this forum. Since its iOS, would my iPad2 have gotten any malware?

No right? After syncing Skype WiFi app several of the online alerts from Skype? As best as I could remember they gave me an id number B and instructed me to go to www[dot]sgsgo[dot]com as my security was not in force any longer. I am a novice to the iPhone and am now concerned that my Skype account is no longer viable as a safe place from which to make or receive calls and possibly all else on my iPhone has been compromised. I did google the sgsgo[dot]com and found out it is somewhere in the middle east. I am really concerned now!! I removed the Skype Wifi from my phone. But I left the original Skype App which I have used off and on since Should I get ride of that as well?

If it matters my computer is an Apple. I declined the first call, but I anwered the second one. Hello everyone! On my laptop. The voice said I should visit a website starting by tp… to prevent my system from virus infections, because the security shields were down. Username is sp[dot]fix located in the US. How can they access our informations Skype profile and find us? Does it mean that we should change our privacy settings in order to avoid spam? Thank you! Hi everyone! The username was sp[dot]fix. I did NOT answer the call, thanks to a tip from my friend, who received a call about a month ago.

Just a heads-up for the display name and username. The first call sent me to www[dot]mwfix[dot]com. I recived a system notice call just now at am under the username kig[dot]urg. This is probably at least the 20th time they have called. Usually im not arround my phone or computer to answer it. But i did this time. And let me tell u, its really annoying.

Please try to put a stop this. I have blocked them but they are still calling. These are some of the other ones that I have blocked a[dot]5urgent[dot]call call[dot]o4 pol[dot]attn. I keep getting alerts that advise me to go to www[dot]ssrgo[dot]com I have done this but realized that it is not a safe site. I knew it looked weird so I declined the call and blocked the contact.

Just received a call from Skype. Told my computer is lacking protection and gave me the web address…www[dot]smgss[dot]com. There was no other user name but I blocked it and reported abuse to skype. I got one last night, at 11 PM! I was SO mad, because I was asleep. The number that mine comes from is I get up to 5 calls a day. Search Guides Search. Most read guides.

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