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In this instance we are given the gifts of a new heart and a new spirit.

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These are His means of communicating this new life with the fear and wisdom that we need. In our adoption, all other gifts that are ours in Christ are revealed and distributed, as He wants to give. There is nothing lacking for a child of His.

He has made Him to be to us and for us all things, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. He is the gift of eternal life to all who receive Him. Throughout this life we have the continual blessing of the gifts that are waiting for us to discover. Every day is a new revelation of His gifts to us in Christ Jesus, our Lord. There is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, temperance, His holiness, His righteousness, His truth, His humility, His fullness, the fullness of His Spirit, the fullness of Christ, who, in us is the hope of glory Colossians and all the heavenly gifts that are prepared for us there.

Dear Father, take these good gifts, the gifts that you have given us, that we may see, hear, and receive the greatest gift of your love in Jesus Christ, your Son, with all the other gifts wrapped in Him. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. While we understand that we must eventually go back into the trenches of life in the world, we need the little oasis stops from time to time to feel the Lord's arms around us. They testify to us of the perfect gifts of God to us, but we need the good gifts continually. The Lord's mercies are new every morning that can fill these needs that our sin-sick souls have. So, why the big distinction? Why bother to split the two out as James did by Divine Inspiration? The reason, in my opinion, is that for us to appreciate the blessing we need to understand the source of the goodness and the source of the shortcoming.

In the sense of perfect gifts, we need not have to wonder where the credit goes. Since we had nothing to do with meriting our eternal life, all glory goes to Him.

He is the giver of that gift, and we should not stoop to claim any of His rightful glory for ourselves. In the giving of His church, He was not required to give us anything in the way of knowledge about that first perfect gift. Since He has seen fit to give us a perfect gift to study Bible and perfect gift to meet with Him His church in spirit and in truth , we again must bow in submission thanking Him again for His rich mercy unto us.

So, what happens when looking at the good gifts? James goes on to say that all of these gifts not some of them come from God Father of lights. There is no variableness or shadow of turning with Him. Therefore, when we see a good gift come short like a minister of the gospel stumbling , we cannot fault God for the minister's error. The minister is at fault for coming short, but God is responsible for the gift that he has to exercise. When a church service is spent, He receives all the credit for the blessing, but we must never charge Him with a "dry service.

Thanks be unto Him that He does not change, and therefore we are not consumed. Malachi Therefore, these perfect gifts are perfect always. He helped me through life-changing hip surgery-making the lame to walk again! He brought Beth Moore into my life. And on…and on…and on! When we look back at the past, we have the tendency to look at the hard times, the bad things we went through. Make your own chart, dividing your life into quarters.

Every Good and Perfect Gift Is from Above

You may need a calculator. Even going through difficult times, God may have given you more strength than you ever knew possible.

Recognizing God as the Giver of Every Good and Perfect Gift

When in crisis, maybe you drew closer to Him than you had ever been before. When I look back, I can see times He literally pushed me through doors I did not want to go through but then blessed me more than I could have asked or ever imagined!

James 1:17 NIV

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Good and Perfect Gift