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The Rev. Donald Spitz, an anti-abortion activist who stayed in contact with Shannon, said abortion-rights activists should not be worried about Shannon's release.

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He said he talked to Shannon on Monday and described her as upbeat about her release but said he didn't know Shannon's plans. Shannon was sentenced to 11 years behind bars for shooting and wounding Tiller, and 20 years for the arson and acid attacks in multiple states. Stephen Peifer, a former assistant US attorney who prosecuted Shannon in Portland in , said Shannon could do something violent herself but it's more likely she would counsel other people to do so.

Julie Burkhart, a former employee of Tiller's and founder of Trust Women Foundation, which operates clinics in Wichita, Oklahoma City and Seattle, said Shannon's release 'raises deep concerns. She is still as dangerous today as she was in August of Abortion clinics across the country have been taking extra precautions after it was revealed that conditions of her release will not be made public. On shooting the abortion doctor in , Shannon said it was the 'most holy, most righteous' thing she's ever done.

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Shannon was an Oregon homemaker when she took a bus to Oklahoma City, where she rented a car and drove to Tiller's clinic in Wichita. The clinic, Women's Health Care Services, was bombed in and was the focus of Operation Rescue's day 'Summer of Mercy' campaign in that resulted in more than 2, arrests. Share this article Share. The decade of violence that led to George Tiller's death. Share or comment on this article: Rachelle 'Shelley' Shannon: Activist who shot abortion doctor in released from jail in Portland e-mail 1.

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Today's headlines Most Read Margaret, her lover and me: Anne Glenconner was the princess's closest confidante. Now in her explosive Ferry bomb scare: Army explosives experts called to Dover as passengers and crew are evacuated and two The damning Leon Brittan files: After the former Home Secretary was hounded by police on his death bed, we If you want the book, go to MisfitEntrepreneur.

You can get the book there as a download directly. One other area too that has become a lot of fun for me and a business partner that I have, another global entrepreneur, named Evan Money. We put on a unique event every year called the Grow. The website for that is GrowThriveRevive. We pick a five-star destination every year, but we only allow 25 entrepreneurs.

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We focus on them for three days. We wrap all this around a unique experience. For example, the first one we did we raced Porsches in LA and then we went kayaking out in the Pacific Ocean in front of Catalina with a guided tour with the whales. I had a whale from here to my office door swimming by me. We do unique things like that with it. If anybody has any interest in that, shoot me a note. We have some special preferred pricing for people that are guests of your show and everything. Thank you so much for all this.

You do such a great job with your show and I could imagine that your Grow. Revive and all your events and different things that you do must be amazing. He won his title on October 1st, Kickboxing is exhausting. To go into a business is a completely different realm. How hard was it to start thinking like a businessperson?

A lot of people are passionate about a certain area, artsy. A martial artist is an artist by the way.

A trainer loves to do the training or a martial artist loves to do the martial arts. They have to switch modalities in their brain and learn how to scale their passion, which is what everybody wants to do. Those two loves have to combine and you have to study both of those carefully to do well. It will crush you.

Their businesses, but you forget about the sales aspect. There are definitely sales associated with about everything. You wrote a book called Zero to that walks readers through the process of taking 9Round from nothing to what it is now. Can you tell me a little about the book and what lead to you wanting to write that? One of the reasons I wrote the book was for my children, for my kids. I wanted them to be able to read on paper exactly the thoughts I was having because I wish my parents had written a book.

I wish my grandparents had written a book or had a journal that I found that I could read. I find that fascinating. After I wrote that chapter, I felt depressed so bad because I was reliving all those memories of failures. Everybody sees the star on top and they see the rock star on the stage and doing great, but they never see the struggles. A lot of struggles went into it. I wrote that book and the book went off great. We give it to every franchise owner that comes into the system so they understand the history of the business and a little bit about my personality and how I became who I am.

You got into the franchising business. When you go big, you go there all the way. I was a swimmer and I have a competitive family. They do better in business. You have to have a level of competitiveness to be in business.

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You need to want to be number one. You want to be the best. That drives people and it drives me every single day. I watch all the other fitness franchises out there. To me, I watch them and I look up to them and I learn from them, but I still want to beat them. I still want to whoop them.

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Quitting was not an option in my job. You had to be the Terminator, you can fail but you had to come back from it. Fear of failure is a huge thing for people. Do you address that when you decide who should have a franchise and do this? Do you have a minimum standard for what you want people to have? We do address it and fear will paralyze you. What it takes is courage. There are a million stories like that and they had no money. What it takes is real courage. Never lose that courage. My eldest daughter studied abroad in Spain and Italy. She did the same thing. You can have courage in one area and not have it in another area.

If you have a passion for something, you find that drive, that courage to do certain things. You talked about being competitive. Were you nervous before you did a swim meet? Am I nervous before I go in the ring? Why do I do this? I still am great friends with him. Are you nervous about doing this, putting your money up or starting this business?

When I lay my head down at night, I feel good to be able to say we do those two things. You can get it when you speak. Speakers talk about that. You want to have a sense of anxiety a little bit. I was probably buzzed for a week afterwards. My dad was funny because he was super competitive because he was born legally blind. He would make sure that we were in everything. I never really was in kickboxing. I go to the gym and do a lot of that training type of thing.

Have you learned something specific to do that? Honestly, I think I could run any business, anything because the mechanics are the same. The vehicle is kickboxing. In business, you need the same three things. You need marketing, sales and you need retention. You need to keep the customers coming back. You need those three things marketing, sales and retention. What do you think are the unique challenges of having it be a franchise business?

The main thing we do at this that I do, we call it the home office. I have to create a process and a system that will work anywhere. That creates consistency. Every business owner in the world will drift a little bit. The next shiny object over here and they slack up a little bit here.

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Not getting crazy doing crazy things but staying on-brand. Not putting yoga in the store. We do kickboxing. Not getting crazy, not playing unlicensed music. That would get you in trouble. All of these factors have to go in and that is the most challenging part. They want to be able to do whatever. We do that by creating systems and processes. I have one sibling, one older brother. He started karate when I was born. He started a local karate school. In , he started martial arts. I remember as a kid vividly going to watching him do karate. My brother became a black belt.

My brother won two world titles kickboxing. I did both. You have more weapons to use. Business-wise, I saw a brand out there that had almost 10, locations with a minute circuit training workout and it was women only and it was Curves. What if I take what I know, which is kickboxing? In , my wife is the Co-Founder with me. We co-CEO, we both run the company.

We started the company in with zero money, a lot of courage, maxed out the only credit card we could get. We opened the first location on a shoestring budget. We could not afford a sign on the building, we could only get a banner. Shannon Knows is a straightforward, easy-to-follow inspiring book, overflowing with proven, effective solutions.

After helping thousands of people discover personal healing and health for life, she will also empower you to make healthy your habit. Her unique Step Program will help you: Discover the "one thing" that seems to be missing in your life, expose hidden fears that are causing you pain, know what you truly desire and get it, tap into your source of great value and WELLth, experience prosperous health and happiness, identify the best questions to ASK so you receive, establish a healthy relationship with food, release excess weight so you will never find it again, find out how to be a celebrity, live the life you were designed to live, be your best and heal from the inside, out.

Shannon Knows Imagine what being your best would look and feel like. There's no need for a diet Shannon will help you experience it for yourself, just as she has helped thousands of others. It's time for a WIN-tervention! Do you desire MORE? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Sometimes we all need a kick in the butt to put us on the right path.