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Dear Stuttering Jack I have listened to your answer to Sweet 16 — I had moments of teary eyes, smiles and many moments of wonder and awe at your tenderness, compassion, patience, knowledge and great wisdom. Oh yes sweet boy you sent me to a long time ago when i was hopeless and without any support especialy here in Morocco. Many times the teacher ask and i had the response and i couldn't answer.

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Realy it was hard to bear. I couldn't support my stuttering. Realy it was paifull and i had a low esteem of myself. In my twenties i decided to change my attitude towards the probleme.

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I made a pschotherapy. I became more pragmatic and start to change my thouths and behaviors. The role of the vitim must disapear. I discovered that i am more than just a stutterer. And so on the hope of another being of me emerge. I can touch my soul;i can see the light in the darkness.


Now i am 45 and work in a lycee and happy to distruct the stuttering structure and enjoy having this opportunity learn more from myself and from others. And another special thing that stuttering gives me is throughout the word human beings have many things to share toghether in spite of their bliefs and religions. That was really Inspiring.. I have kind of patterned sweet 16 stuttering. About two year a ago I enrolled in an intensive program and had my stuttering improved but right now I am relapsed and felt just like sweet But reading your response, it has moved me to a level of motivation to return to my skills and the speech-easy device.

I had almost lost all hope was about to fold up-family,work,school etc etc. Thank so much for your kindling my spirit. I bet he got picked on and everyone that did it is regretting it knowing that they can never be like him. If there are stutterers in the Philippines, please ask to get touch with me, Gem E. Yabut, Jr.


Thank you. I hate it when people ask me if i forgotten my name just because I get stuck on the word Lilly. Urgg…people are soo rude. Hi i am stutterer and i have live with most of life. People will put us down and never let us climb the ladder of success as they are afraid that they will be defeated and use words to belittle us.

What is need is know is what is our goal in life and come what may we can achieve it. Never mind the taunts and discouraging words by others , we can over come , just assume they do not exists for our missing ability , we develop another ability and we can shine in it. I am guy used to believe and very convinced that I will never get married as the society does not accept us we are.

There somebody in world made for you and believe it. Do not care for the world and reflect what is your strenght and work on your weakness. Do not lose your confidence and believe that you can achieve anything , no sky is too high and you must enroll in a porgram that will help rid of your stutturering probelm and you must believe in yourself that you can achieve it.

I had to explain why i am like this as now i speak normally , there is few occasion that i even cannot speak.

Stuttering teens achieve despite stress

Today I am able to stand on my feet and found meaning of my life. Stuttering Jack is right. Believe that you can achieve something despite your situation right now. Hello friends.

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Kids who stutter are three times more likely to have a close family member who also stutters, or did. The first signs of stuttering tend to appear when a child is about 18—24 months old. At this age, there's a burst in vocabulary and kids are starting to put words together to form sentences. To parents, the stuttering may be upsetting and frustrating, but it is natural for kids to do some stuttering at this stage.

Be as patient with your child as possible. A child may stutter for a few weeks or several months, and the stuttering may come and go. Most kids who begin stuttering before the age of 5 stop without any need for help such as speech or language therapy. But if your child's stuttering happens a lot, gets worse, or happens along with body or facial movements, seeing a speech-language therapist around age 3 is a good idea. Your own slow, relaxed speech will be far more effective than any criticism or advice such as "slow down " or "try it again slowly.

Suggestions for Parents

Reduce the number of questions you ask your child. Children speak more freely if they are expressing their own ideas rather than answering an adult"s questions. Instead of asking questions, simply comment on what your child has said, thereby letting him know you heard him.

Use your facial expressions and other body language to convey to your child, when she stutters, that you are listening to the content of her message and not to how she"s talking. Set aside a few minutes at a regular time each day when you can give your undivided attention to your child. During this time, let the child choose what he would like to do.