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You found success here, maybe you could try branching into something else since you have a little security to fall back on. I'm not surprised at all to hear that you've having issues because you don't like it. That's a cautionary tale of everyone who hates their job and only does it for money.

I'm the opposite - writing romance IS my escape from joining a job market that would make me miserable. At the very least, you should set aside time in your day to start that fantasy novel. There are other markets doing well and authors doing very well writing things other than romance, and it takes the same marketing savvy. If you have it, give yourself a chance. Maybe you could downsize your living situation, do this aggressively for another year or so to save, then slow down?

You'll still make money off your already published books, just not as much, and then you can focus on writing and publishing fantasy. Mortgage makes more sense to me because at the amount you're making, you could pay off your home in a short amount of time. Maybe your wife could get a part time job somewhere that offers good health benefits? I was thinking of working at a ticket counter part time at an airline just to get the awesome benefits, if I ever quit my job to write full time.

I could just work a couple nights a week and get insurance and other benefits. I would downgrade, save, and slowly transition into what you want to do. Or do this aggressively for another year, then make the switch. If I get back home all the time my office will be a work space for books, my shop will become a wood working shop again. As an odd thing I read Stephen king sometimes writes multiple books at once to help build up a backlog.

If he has an idea he kinda writes it up as a short story and his short story becomes the intro to the book. He wrote it like that then made notes about what he was thinking and saved it on his hard drive. Then if he gets stuck in a book he opens up one of his shorts and works on it. There are also some who will make a pen name, do new cover art, change a title, character named and locations and re release Hell John Saul and a few others had an outline that he changed a few details and filled in the outline with different locations and descriptions You were able to successfully launch and gain momentum before, right?

So you can do it again, whether that's with your passion project s or relaunching in romance after a break. If you were working an ordinary job right now and your employer drastically reduced your salary, what would you do? This is the situation you're describing. The market doesn't support your earlier earnings anymore, so your 'employer' has cut your pay.

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Anyone in an employment situation would have to find a solution. I suspect that you can, too. A family to support is perhaps the most motivating factor in a man's life. Now that the high life they've become accustomed to is showing cracks, you're going to need to make a change. Part of that change will be to reduce the lifestyle you've become accustomed to, but that's not all of it.

What's really at stake is whether you can continue to do this for a living at all. Burnout means burnout. I've been through it and there's no cure. You'll be forced to reinvent yourself at some point.

Either you do it on your terms, or you do it on your soul's terms. I guarantee your soul's terms will be harsher. You already know in your heart that it's time to bail on the monthly grind and adopt a more sustainable pace. Prepare for that moment by reducing your living expenses so it won't be so painful. Then, downsize yourself.

Fire yourself from romance like a boss who insists on quality over quantity and set about reinventing your authorship. As I implied earlier, Either you'll do this in a way you yourself can control, or your soul will force a nervous breakdown on you when you're not prepared.

Make yourself face your reality and don't be that guy. You got yourself to a place most people can't, so you clearly have remarkable resourcefulness. It's time to utilize that for the next phase of your life. You can do this. More importantly, you're going to do this. It's non-negotiable. Millions of people go to work every day doing something they dislike because they need to put food on the table, pay the rent. Hard jobs, the kind you don't sit in a comfortable chair in an air-conditioned room and do.

Don't see your problem as a problem. You want to write what you want, then make adjustments and write what you want. Pardon my language, but jiminy-cricket! Some people. You CAN start to lower your expenses. There are things that I'm sure you can cut out and be much happier. What would your family rather have, an unhappy father or a few less material things? Think about what you can start to ween off of.

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Put some money away and you can get off the grind. Right now you are in a much better position to follow your dream. Instead of starting from nothing, writing what you want, you have the funds to support yourself while you do it! Take advantage of it and work towards getting away, at least for a little while to give yourself a break. That's just my advice but you would know best. Get your money invested in such a way that it is safe and can provide you with long-term income for the future pensions etc , work out a lifestyle that is comfortable but keeps within a strict budget, and set out a plan to scale back the writing you don't enjoy so you've got more time for the writing you love.

If you find a good IFA, they'll help you work out the steps you need to take to achieve your lifestyle goals through your investments.

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From reading your comments and the subtle cynicism that bleeds through, I think you're just a little burned out. Get a solid control over your budget and factor in some vacation time for yourself. I think after a short break you'll be back with enthusiasm. Also, obviously you're successful, even if you are coming to hate it.

I'm guessing it's a more than the fact that you write in a lucrative genre, and I'd love to read how you've done it. I'm also guessing that if you applied those same methods to your fantasy books, you'll be just as successful, and happier. I see. It seems to me everyone on here is writing a fantasy or sci-fi, so it may be just as successful as your romance books. I don't know, and I understand the gamble. Any way you could write the fantasy while you're also still producing romance? Get a ghost writer for the romance maybe, since you aren't in the love with the books anyway and seem to be only doing them for the money.

IDK Just throwing out ideas. And yes, now that you've described trying to right two books at the same time that are so far apart in genre not too far I guess , I don't think I'd be able to do it. Hard enough for me to finish one novel as it is. I can relate. It takes a lot of time when you care about it. They use Twitter and such ask people in the book to follow them on twitter. They give a Facebook page and an Instagram.

All are free and they use them to attract new readers and keep old ones up to date on what they are doing. One author I read he set his Facebook fan page up as more of a hang out page If you don't mind me asking, what do you mean by advertising? On Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc? Basically, what platforms do you use that money to advertise on? If I could make k a month If I had one month where I made k If I made k for multiple months everything but what I needed would go into a rainy day fund.

But I am writing hopping to set up a back up career and have enough where if I want I can take a month off. And honestly if I made 75k a year I could take vacations and work a 5 day a week kinda thing And like I said if I made k one month every bill that I had would be done.

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Completely gone. You feel like this because you got used to 2k a day. Forcibly cut yourself back with an allowance. Look into a home in a rural area get a loan and pay it off as fast as you can.

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You might also look into things like investing in real estate and find a local broker that will handle it for you for a cut if the rent. Well, I hate my current job, so a transition to another job I also get no satisfaction from but paid more is fine by me. Interesting perspective still. I've always known to be wary of upping your lifestyle in this game, but the prospect of not even being able to slowly transition up for only a year, have major success, and still be trapped is scary.

I'll keep that in mind. But Don Pedro Martinez intends to install his puppet, the egregious Major Alex Fisher, in order to destroy the Barrington family firm just as the company plans to build its new luxury liner, the MV Buckingham. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published March 11th by St. More Details Original Title. The Clifton Chronicles 4. London, England , United Kingdom. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Can this be read as a standalone book, or will it not make sense on its own?

I received this book as a gift, but haven't read the first three in the series. Sharon Skellie You could! But you really need to gain the family history and what has lead to some of the decisions, feuds, etc over the years. Tharindu Vishwanath yes. I recommend you read from the first book to get the real feeling.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Story is good, not many surprises in the beginning, but the plot gets a lot of new elements as it progresses, with the banking and the board election and the political elections.

It didn't fail to amaze me. A lot happens as the pace picks up, some new strong characters are introduced, a lot goes south, some intense planning, someones about to die! Nicola Glad to see that you enjoyed it Ujjawal! Ujjawal Sureka Nicola wrote: "Glad to see that you enjoyed it Ujjawal! Mar 23, Edie rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction.

This saga is draggin out a bit too long for me. Tanbark is used in tanneries and over time darkens the skin of those who work with it. Shem is often associated with the darker races, as at line Couples deemed unfit were forbidden to marry, sometimes neutered against their will. See note to What was the point? As a matter of fact, the U. This depends on the fact that a sucker cane develops from a stem bud produced on a root during the early spring.

Like many Irish writers, Joyce is frugal with commas. Literally, either of the liquids seeping into or out of the barrel could be called an emanation. Joyce probably got the phrase from E. Wallis Budge. Perhaps a further sign that his self-control is loosening. See note to 15, below.

He would do this hand-writing with a pencil — Shaun continues to brag about his capacity as a writer. Conventionally, anyway, many invisible inks become visible when held up to bright light. The expression was around since at least. So does the calf, at Seems consistent with the idea of Shaun as, for now, anyway, standing on an arched bridge over the river. Also, the Ottoman Caliphate ended in In the latter capacity, he is controlled — tied and shackled — by the tide, which is turning and thus reversing his direction.

Time and tide wait for no man. For me, both this passage and the first few pages of III. Big Dipper, etc. Comes from belief that only the pure of heart could hear, or join in, this music. Maybe obvious. Though the narrator usually seems masculine, this is one place where the feminine audience may be heard: Men! Compare Issy There are menner. Probably another derisive comment on the bagpipes. Also, Wikipedia says that the buttplug was invented in May belatedly complete colors of Irish flag after white and gold of Joyce at times fancied himself as a Don Juan.

In classical theatre, a buskin was worn by players in a tragedy and would have increased their heights. Blacking and shining the shoes and boots of guests used to be a regular service of many hotels. The passage seems to say either that: 1. Jaun found it natural to rest against his old menial boot-blacker; 2. Sigurdsen found it natural to come to rest against his old employer, or 3. The girls seem, Fifty Shades of Gray -wise, to be more attracted than otherwise to the tree. Othello black brute. Evangelists of the time e. Billy Sunday sometimes promoted their own physical fitness as a sign of godly living.

If her ham s can be seen below her hem, her skirt must be short indeed. Come buy! Also, syrup might either be mixed with castor oil to mitigate the taste or given immediately after to sweeten the aftertaste. As in, for example the can-can, a female performer could certainly cause a rumpus by flaunting her rump. Sexual innuendo is perhaps obvious. On the other hand, yellowed pearls, having been neglected and allowed to turn yellow with age, would be less prized. A possible instance of coinciding contraries. Probably the gloves are too.

I speculate that this has to do with conflicting theories of conception — whether the fetus was essentially the offspring of father or mother. Perfumed female clothing give a man an erection — that is, a stiffy stuffed with congested blood. James A. Joyce, perhaps reversed. Buenos Aries was a recognized center of the white slave trade. At least by the time he wrote this, Joyce was clearly aware of the fact. Again, Jaun seems to be promoting new money over old. Here, as a bedtime incantation, it invokes protection from evil spirits of the night.

Here, the behavior described is not only infra-dig but out of date — a relic of a once-fashionable vice. Typically made of brass. See preceding entry. The behavior Jaun goes on to warn against fits the 19th century idea of the Bohemian. See, for instance To have him spanking the ivories may introduce a hint of kinky miscegenation. The soldiers are witnessing whatever untoward is going on, and will soon begin publicizing it. Perhaps pertinent that Tristram Shandy has a forceps delivery.

A pint of Guinness was twopence in and three shillings sixpence in It would have been out of line for oil, too. Also, newborn babies — a dime a dozen. Also see. These publications are still available in spite of the fact that The Castle, center of Anglo-Irish authority, would probably like to ban them; 2. These publications are still available despite the fact of the Battle of Castlebar, which, had it been followed up with further rebel victories, would have removed The Castle altogether.

Dining with Duke Humphrey — that is, not dining at all — would give one an appetite. The scene being described is reminiscent of the key exchange of Arrah Na Pogue , in which Shaun the Post is the male lead. See note above to By some means or other, Shaun is kicking up the volume, doubling the noise. The result resembles the sound of a braying ass. Musically, would go with a tenor. Tightly-strung strings on an instrument would result in a higher pitch. Catholic priests wear black, but not while presiding over a service. Mainly an athletic term, but can also apply to the classroom.

Jaun is saying that Issy has muffed the quiz. Doran wants to speak to you. Perhaps an allusion to the Black and Tans, so named because the components of their uniforms were similarly mismatched. The first full-length Technicolor film was Becky Sharp , in other less complete forms of color fill had appeared earlier. Also, as in. In the following few lines, Jaun imitates the talk of stage mind-readers and fortune-tellers.

Also, one of several places in FW where a knock on the door is ominous. Coke is made from controlled burning of charcoal. Urine was an ingredient in some household recipes for ink; it was also sometimes used as invisible ink. Given context, probably also refers to foot-binding It still is. U begins with a sighting of the former and ends with a memory of the latter. Unlike Joyce at the Feis Ceoil , he can read music. Comparison with tea-shop fare is surely ironic.

Also a reference to the Royal Oak, in whose canopy of leaves the future Charles II hid from his pursuers on September 6, There are no nightingales in Australia, but, as in Likewise, as a singer, Shem is no Mario. She has all of an ounce of clothing on her back side. Chartreuse does not make champagne, but the liqueur is sometimes an ingredient in champagne cocktails. In Joyce, tennis always stands for upper-class snobbery and affectation. Given next entry, almost certainly an allusion to the oracle at Delphi. Also see previous entry he is having visions. Also: the barrel floats in the first place because of its CO2.

In response, Jaun becomes strikingly misogynistic. President Rutherford B. Such women were conventionally represented as being ugly. Bartholin glands secrete mucus.

Possibly an innuendo of lesbianism. The words could also convey handkerchiefs raised to noses, mouths, or, maybe, weeping eyes. If I do not remember thee, may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. Highly sarcastic. Revelations reveals our divine destination. South Africa is the main supplier of diamonds. See next entry. George appears with a shield of diamond, covered decked from sight. Since Diamond engagement rings for instance This line suggests that Jaun has pledged himself to all the girls. Shunt us! Probably, by way of Dante, one of the virtuous pagans on the edge of Hell.

As McHugh notes, the Elysian Fields show up in. Even though the mummies in St. Jesus was God in the flesh. He will appear at. Compare to. Implication is that America is bumptiously expansive, Ireland a land of laments. The Huguenots were known for their textiles. Given context see previous entry , probably a childish word for excrement. Or, in the preceding entry, to figuratively suck something or someone dry.

Probably Adam and Eve Best guess: at times, their voices are blending. Linen paper is expensive. Fits Jaun. Also, by way of the ether: the letter seems to double with a radio here. A step up from linen paper. It follows I think, that. Also goes with. Also see Meaning: something amazing.

See note to. Here, an example of the stylish looks that she will not sacrifice. Also, 1. Issy wants her dearest to be right next to herself. Issy loves him more than anyone except next to herself. Circling the square. Real gold ink was made by grinding gold into a solution. Also, songbook. Cypresses and sycamores are associated with death and graveyards. Hero and Leander are part of the picture here, and Hero is traditionally thought to have had red hair. Given Margate. She is devoted to the Royal Air Force. Private parks were often features of English stately homes. Also, alpha-omega. Again, Russian boots were unusually tall.

See entry for. Chambermaids — Nora was one — were tasked with removing them. A blown-glass goblet. Also, douches were sometimes used as birth control. Compare, for instance, He demanded that people look at and listen to him. He certainly believed that nothing succeeds like success.

For a while he made a point of carrying a whip around in public. He liked to travel by plane and to be seen by crowds as descending from the sky. Anyone who has seen a Nazi propaganda clip can understand why he might be described as coming not on one or two feet but on many. In fact, at least once Joyce said words to that effect. Hitler was forever sticking out his right hand. At the least, the man described in these lines is a charismatic tyrant. It may be pertinent that the biblical David was, by almost any definition, a warmonger. Joyce wrote an essay about a painting with that name.

See next note. Also, Listen up, you! Compare ALP, Also, see note to Given that the young non-bathing Joyce must certainly have smelled bad at times, this is probably sarcastic. The middle point of a quincunx. Spoken by someone asking for money. Also, a trifle is a kind of dessert. Chemistry, as Joyce would know, is a proverbially difficult course in the pre-med curriculum.

The head is shaved by a superior in the order. In the process, the diamond in the rough becomes a man of God. Also, since he last saw him, the Shem-figure has gone bald. Although Joyce never did. It was a proverbially a favorite drink of Parisian aesthetes. Ireland had them. During mass, the priest signals the end of a prayer by touching the missal held by the altar boy. Also, time Also obvious? It ended when the crowd mobbed the ring, and was declared a draw. In context, gist seems to be that the singer still has lung power, but with less range and finesse. See notes to.

Also, the Joyce of the FW years had false teeth. Again, Dave still has the volume. Also, Octavius: as Augustus, Roman Emperor; see note to. Not a good sign. Albeit on the maternal side. Google Books hits seem to indicate that the term is dismissive. Presumably, he went deaf from of the racket of Babel. The equivalent of accent marks are often used in poetic scansion. FW ranks sound over sight. Equal-opposite: he is both like someone still bound up in a corset and like someone released and bound for freedom. Some fat men wore corsets, and Shaun is fat. So does Sheba.

Also, whoring The flying horse has become a sailing ship. Again, idiom is American. Also, like Jaun at this juncture, he has wings. The girls are splattering the water with the tips of their fingers. The Lebanese cedar is evergreen. Also, Good Friday service commences at noon.

Also, likely sexual innuendo: they sigh when he mounts them. And, of course, plantain. Also, Joyce often or always associates tennis with upper-class leisure. Often followed by Reveille. Breton, S. This word was actually sighed around the world in that way in Order of the Garter. Perhaps by reversing the order. Orthodox priests, making the sign, go up-down-right-left, as opposed to Catholic up-down-left-right.

Since, in the former, the last movement is counter-clockwise, it might fairly be described as widdershins The Southern Cross was once visible to the ancients of the British Isles, but disappeared due to the precession of the equinox. In Ireland in the spring, the Northern Cross, usually called Cygnus, appears on the horizon during the early morning hours. As of This annotator is on record as believing that FW is set on March 21 and the morning of the 22nd. On the other hand, the vanishing gloom of A Borsalino hat is exceptionally large, and, with some imagination, could be taken to resemble a Polynesian bungalow.

An Irish politician see note to. So might Joyce, an Irishman who often wore the Italian borsalino. Some of the preceding narrative, of an Irish politician who falls just short of triumph because of sexual scandal, would apply to Parnell. Also, flying buttress: the girls are church-goers. Occurs in some translations of Circe episode of Odyssey ; in the context probably applies to Ireland.

Also, open-hearted. Also: friars take vows of poverty, and in cartoons of the time poor people wore barrels. Roundhead Cromwell, not amiable in the least but certainly practical, is also in the mix. Coax your qyous! John McCormack had won the previous year, and went on to fame and fortune, especially in America. As elsewhere in II. Much of p. His words will round off the chapter. Sun rises in the east before it sinks into the dark. Stephen Dedalus is tormented by the accusation that he killed his mother. The phoenix, rising from its ashes, nixes death. Jaun is a torchbearer.

In France, a light breakfast would typically include a croissant; compare At first, the four wonder whether Yawn is dead. The perspective is of water reflecting the night sky. Opiate of the masses. A quiver of minnows, fat of a spongy titbit, flash through the slits of his buttoned trouserfly…Hauled stark over the gunwale he breathes upward the stench of his green grave, his leprous nosehole snoring to the sun.

This is the first example of a major feature of Joyce wrote an essay on it. With one exception Mountain dwellers are proverbially wild. The family is from Ulster. Conjecture: an example of how anything can have to with animals if you want it to — although, as usual, there may be a method behind the mixedness: the sequence has been full of talk of animals in general and of wolves in particular, and Romulus and Remus were suckled on the milk of the she-wolf Lupercus.

Line 2, to me anyway, sounds basically dactylic. Given the emerging subject the father it may be pertinent that mythyphallic chants accompanied the parading of images of erections. Suggests speaker may be Luke, addressing John — the most rustic of the four, to whom the others often condescend. Brittany was also considered a Celtic stronghold. Too canny, too cunning to be taken in; very hard in making a bargain.

Stephen alludes to them in Portrait. Term introduced by Aquinas. Here, Yawn may be apologizing for the small sin of undressing, presumably before donning his new habit. Vespasian: i. Much of the rest of. Also, given Polly Peachum at. For the third, compare As elsewhere in FW , the ear makes sounds as well as receiving them. Early stethoscopes, in use into the 20th century, consisted of tube attached to large flat disc.

The liquid sounds of. Pertinent that Jacob tricked Isaac and disenfranchised Esau by a change of garment. A free day is a day off from work or school. Bookstores in Ireland also sell stationery. Suggestion: overtones may also indicate a radio broadcast, from Radio Erin, coming over the air. As twins, they were the same age. Davitt is perhaps paired here with Parnell: see note to. They were sometimes frequented by people looking for a place to sleep. Philosophical nominalism, of whichever kind, would be opposed to idealism.

Probably not, but he was a fellow expatriate. Joyce knew him. Toot toot! Dauby, dauby, without dulay! Here, Capilla for hair; Rubrilla for rouge, possibly Melcamomilla for face cream containing camomile, which is sometimes included as a moisturizer. References to this dubious medicine are scattered throughout the book, for instance at Syntax is uncertain, but the snake-charmer here may be her hand.

A postern is a door: Porter. She found him out, with results fatal for him but not her. Given context, an allusion to Marthe Fleischmann, on whom Joyce had a crush, seems more than likely. Cherries were always or almost always included; three in a row would deliver a jackpot. Local cases of challenged staged nudity were sometimes dealt with by magistrates. Compare Mrs. The interrogators want him to return to the masculine, in particular his father. And Ulster will be right. Make a stump speech out of it. Also see first note to. Lung lift the keying! Would explain To coddle it would perhaps be to stroke it, in masturbation.

Said of one who is snoring, because the grunt of a pig resembles the snore of a sleeper. Aubain Hand! This begins the passage where they are receiving signals, chiefly radio signals, from all around the world. As remarked before, this was at least notionally possible at the time. Tradition has it that they were exceptionally ruthless and that their victims included women and children.

From the other side, of course, this cry would have been an expression of relief — the yeomen to the rescue! The mayhem in this sequence is general, but most of it seems to come from those in power. Also, perhaps, Linabrides, a sometimes idealized type of mistress. Her name occurs in Cervantes, Jonson, Shirley, and Scott. The two parties at either end of the telephone line are confirming that the operator made the right connection. Soldiers and sailors were of course notorious for their bad language. All Googleable examples involve the military or police.

I cannot make out the mechanics and procedure involved, but both seem to have changed over the years, and to have little in common with the telephone service offered today by that name. Better that way? It is in Dingle, mentioned Dingle also appeared at Hypnotism Both radio and telephone involved electro-magnetism; both were subject to magnetic influence; 4. Occurs in northern latitudes around midsummer. Joyce liked listening to broadcasts of American comedians. The talkers are returning to the business of tuning into the right radio station.

Let people get fond of one another. Then tear asunder. Knackers dealt with the remains of slaughtered animals; the S. Let them have it; 2. With both barrels. Though unusual, three-barrel guns, including shotguns, were around at the time. Satan is a sniper shooting form the top of the tree. By the middle of p. In Britain, signifies faithful public school or university alumnus.

The average human has ten pints of blood. Leather is, of course, old skin. Apparently an echo of bully beef and beef tea. Both occur in Ulysses. Stage-Spanish interjection. Matthew 7. Tongue-tied; 2.